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Subject: Saturday Night SlapFest, an All-Out Brawl!! rss

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Davey Randle

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Saturday Night Slapfest

I kinda got the idea from the Super Smash Bros series, and Frag (a multiplayer shooting board game). Basically, it’s where you and a few friends run around a grid board trying to beat the crap out of each other.


The board—A grid, with each square being a space.
Turns—The first player has a turn. They roll the die, then go that many spaces (the “speed” stat is a modifier of this). When they’re in their “reach” stat, they can attack other players, subtracting HP from them. And when they land on an item, they can pick that item up and use it.

Spawn points—There are several spawn points, marked by an “S,” where players can start the game and items can be placed.

HP—This is how many Health Points the characters have. They can either have individual amounts, or they can all share the same amount.

Attacking—If a player is within the amount of spaces forward, back, left, or right that is set in your “reach” stat, you can attack them. You roll the die to determine how much HP you’ll take away from your opponent. The character’s “strength” stat is a multiplier of the die. Say your strength is 2, and you roll a six. That means you take away 12 HP from the opponent you attacked. You can even attack multiple opponents during your turn, if you still have spaces left or if you’re on your last space and someone is within your reach. When HP is zero, that player is KO’ed.

Items—You can move over items and pick them up to use. They have different effects, and after a player uses one, they put them back in any spawn point.

Knockback—This is determined by the “weight” stat for each character. After an attack, the attacked character moves backwards a certain amount of spaces. Lightweights (L) move back 4 spaces. Middleweights (M) move back 3 spaces. Heavyweights (H) move back 2 spaces. Super Heavyweights (SH) move back 1 spaces. You can turn knockback off if you want.

The scorecard—There will be columns with each player’s name, and their starting HP below. When HP gets taken away from or added to a player, you cross out their old HP and write their new HP right below it. If an attack deals more damage to an opponent than the HP that opponent has, they’re KO’ed.

Fragging—You can set all the player’s HP to about 50 or so and you can play to multiple kills, when a player is dead, they can respawn at any spawn point that is not occupied by a player or an item, and have their starting HP. When fragged, the player writes a line below his last HP, then below that line writes their starting HP to start their new life.

Character Creation and Stats

Your character has four stats, Speed, Strength, Weight, and Reach, which determine how your character handles on the board. You can either make your character roster balanced or unbalanced. You can either make each individual character have separate stats, or have them share some or all stats.

Speed: Multiplier of your dice roll for how many spaces you get to move.

Strength: Multiplier of your dice roll for how many HP your character will take away from your opponent when you attack.

Reach: The maximum amount of spaces away from your character figure an opponent has to be so you can attack him.

Weight: L means Lightweight, M means Middleweight, H means Heavyweight, SH means Super Heavyweight.


I’ve only got 2 items right now, but more will come soon.
Health Pack—Action: Restore 20 HP to the player who picks it up. Turns: 1.
Armor—Action: When attacked, the player who has it gets only half damage. If the damage is an odd number, they get the smaller half taken away. Turns: 2.

Please tell me what you think, and if there's any improvements I can make without it being too complicated for my friends. I know it's kinda based on Frag, but it's a freebie!
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