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My third try with SH:DA. For the start, I put Dark Void location, put all terrain cards as required by the card. Randomicaly, I get the Book, Claw and Sword teams. The positions are Scipio, Lorenzo, Goriel, Calistarus, Claudio Deino. For my Battle Brothers is the event revealed, so Claw and Tongue on Vents plus Head on Dark Corner.
I choose Defensive Stance, Intimidation and Psionic Attack as actions. The first is put a token on Calistarius, Lorenzo changes place with Goriel, gets 1 for Intimidation and return his to right blip. Calistarius kills both with 2 and 1, table clean for now. Event is Evasion, so less attacks expected. Claw at door and Head at Vents, Head flanks Calistarius.

For the second round Stealth Tactics, Lead by Example, Heroic Charge. Change facing of Calistarius, put a token on door, and discards the right blip. Lorenzo attacks on claw at Scipio, getting 0. Goriel attacks the same, killing it (1). The monster attacks Calistarius, missing with 3. The event is Flanking Manuever, so the swarm is behind Calistarius again. Another head joins him, and a Claw goes against Lorenzo.

Now a full support phase, with Counter Attack, Power Field and Defensive Stance. 2 tokens on Lorenzo and 1 on Calistarius. Power Field protects Calistarius, and the monster attacking Lorenzo gets a 2 and is killed. Cleasing Flames comes, and I choose Calistarius, who gets a 2 and kills both Stalkers behind him (I AM NOT SURE IF I NEED TO BE FACING, BUT THE CARDS DOES NOT SAY ANYTHING, SO I GO AHEAD). Tongue and claw goes against Lorenzo and Tail and Claw against Claudio, depleting RIght Blip. The swarm at Lorenzo moves against Calistarius. Door kill the claw against Claudio, and new Location is Black Holds, so I change the positions and put another Tongue and Claw on Claudio.

For this turn, Intimidation, Heroic Charge and Psionic Attack. First, Lorenzo changes place with Calistarius and put a token on door. For Psionic Attack, 5, 3 after token and 1, killing both on front of Lorenzo. On Heroic Charge almost a disgrace but Claudio rolls 5 and saves teh day killing everyone. No monster to attack, Chaos of Battle comes and changes facing of everyone. One tail at Ducts and one Tongue at door, flanking Lorenzo. No one moves.

On this turn Lead by Example, Stealth Tactics and Defensive Stance. A token goes to Calistarius, he loses a token for Scout and Deino attacks the monster behind Lorenzo for a kill (2), putting a support on Calistarius. Lorenzo attacks as well, getting a 0 and missing. The monster at him gets 0, he spends a token for a roll of 4 and a miss. The event is The Swarm, so more stalkers to the blip. Head at door and Tail at tank, no Tongue to move.

Now, Counter Attack, Psionic Attack and Reorganize. First, token on Claudio, he changes his facing and Goriel does the same. Calistarius tries to hit the one at Claudio and gets a 4, spend a token to get a 3 killing it and his extra is another 4. For the monster, the one behind Lorenzo gets a 0 and kills hiim, shifting up. The other get a 1, rerolled after spend a token with Claudio, and gets another 1 killing him too. Ouch, the stalkers are deadly now. The event is Temporary Sanctuary, so I choose to send back the one at Door. A huge swarm comes behind Deino and theright blip empties. The swarm goes upo n front of Calistarius, new location is Hibernation Cluster, so 4 Stalkers to each pile and discard one by the door. The position 3 is threatened by 2 red locations.

Power Field, Intimidation and Heroic Charge are the choices now. Support Field puts a token on Calistarius and chooses the only swarm to prevent. Deino activate the door and the attack does not occur. Event is Chaos of Battle and this makes the things harder to me. Another Head to Swarm and a head at the door. The bigger Swarm moves against Goriel, and the stay behind Deino.

Things are fierce this time, and Defensive Stance, Stealth Tactics and Lead by Example are the choices; first a token on Goriel, Deino and Calistarius changes places, Calistarius activate the Door and only discard from right blip. Finally Deino kills a stalker on the swarm (2) and puts another token on Goriel. For the monsters, the ones at Goriel miracle misses (5) and the one at Calistarius misses as well (4). The event is Stalking from Shadows, discarding everything on Goriel. Claw and tongues at Vents, Tail and Tongue at Spores, depleting Right Blip. The swarm of 4 goes flanks Scipio, the last flanks Calistarius. Door is used to kill Claw behind Deino and the one behind Calistarius. New location is Launch Control Room.

Choose Intimidation, Power Field and Heroic Charge. Power Field puts a token on Deino and chooses the biggest Swarm to contain. Intimidation makes Deino faces the control panel and put a token there, roll a 2 and put both stalkers behind him at left blip. Heroic Charge takes no effect, as their target is intimidated. The one at control panel attacks Deino and misses with 5. The event is Second Wind, and I choose Scipio. Tail and Tongue adds to swarm at panel and 2 comes behind the panel at vent.

Things are bad now, and I must risk. Choose Lead by Example, Stealth Tactics and Defensive Stance. Scipio receives the token and changes his face. Calistarius goes to panel to risk the activation... and gets a 4, so a miss, and discard a card from Right Blip. Deino kills the stalker in front of Calistarius, with a 1 (if Calistarius get this...), and Goriel receives the token. Scipio is about to be killed with a roll of 2, but spends a token. The new rol lis 0, and he is protected by Second Wind. The ones in front of Calistarius misses (3), and the ones behind him gets a kill (2). He died trying contact people outside , shifting everything up. Event is Secret Route for nothing, 2 comes behind Scipio, 2 other behind Deino.

For this turn, Desperate Measures again, so I choose Intimidation, Reorganize and Power Filed. Goriel exchanges place with Goriel roll the die... 4, so the last hope is Deino, who gets a roll and... a zero !!! The mission is accomplished !!!.

A good match, needed to risk everything. I was tempted to put a counter on the panel, but do not make this (for gods sake). I think I make less mistakes this time, and do not have any major thing about it. After 3 games, I can say I like this one. Make report take much more time than playing the game, so less reports on future :D
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