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Subject: Christmas games package (12 games) rss

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Adrian Cui
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Hello everybody,

I've just posted Christmas games package on Lulu. The included games are as follows. Any ideas and recommendations are highly appreciated.

1. Arena: It's a 2 player game with 2 maps. In this game, players act as fighters to use variety of skills to win the champion. Players may choose from 4 classes and 2 camps as they like, and develop a distinctive upgrade route. Players can also learn different skills, including general skills, class specific skills, and camp specific skills, to beat the opponent. Are you kidding? How can it be on only 2 maps? Prove it with your own eyes!
2. Racing: It's a 2-4 player game with 2 maps. In this game, players act as first class racing drivers to win the championship. Even though there are lots of barriers and dangers along the way, players may upgrade their racing cars' engine, system, and frame to conquer any difficulties ahead. A distinctive characteristic of the game is allowing players to hit against each other. Want to be the winner? Upgrade your car to crash your opponents! What? Is there any shortcut? Let's find it!
3. Magic: It's a 2 player game with 2 maps. In this game, players act as magicians to beat the opponent by using abundant magic they choose. There are over 60 normal magic and over 20 power magic to use. Like strategy game? This is your choice. Like card game? This is also your game. Like magic? You know the answer. How about trying this wonderful magic game to create the next great magician and miracle?
4. Fleet: It's a 2 player game with 2 maps. In this game, players act as fleet commanders to lead armies to smash opponent. There are over 90 fighting units to be directed and managed. Players have full control of the fleets to make highly strategic decisions. There are also tech center to develop advanced fighting technology, and missile silo to support friendly fleets. Can you feel the boiling of your warm blood and urgently need to join the battle? Let's see who can be the ultimate commander!
5. Defense: It's a 1 player game with 2 maps. In this game, the player acts as a guardian to protect a sacred altar from the invasion of dark monsters. The player may build and upgrade various magic towers in a strategic way to defend the altar and beat 25 waves of hideous monsters. Are you fond of tower defense? It's a must try!
6. Treasure: It's a 2-4 player game with 2 maps. In this game, players act as explorers to defeat pirates and collect treasures. There are lots of opportunities and events ahead to improve players' equipments. As well, there are powerful treasures to benefit players greatly. Are you fond of adventure? Join this fantastic game to win lots of treasures!
7. Holy Runes: It's a 1-2 player game with 7 maps and a perfect integration of board game and card game. As a challenger to build a new world order, you will be equipped with powerful runes and scrolls, and will fight with various fighters from different dimensions. Be an intelligent fighter and change the history of the world!
8. Dungeon Fighter: It’s a one player game with 6 maps. As a brave fighter, you will challenge 4 mystic areas and fight with various monsters from multi-dimensions. You have to try your best to use powerful magic and scrolls to beat your enemies. It’s a world of no mercy, and finally you have to meet with Demon and show your power. Be prepared as early as possible and do as best as you can!
9. Mind Killer: It’s a one player game with 2 maps. As a professional mind killer, you will travel around the world and try to kill all corrupted souls. In the meanwhile, you also have to deal with unfriendly people. You are equipped with powerful items even though it does not work as you imagined sometimes. Anyway, try your best to kill every rival in front of you, and destroy the most evil final Boss. Kill the body or the soul? It’s for you to decide!
10. Battle Field: It’s a 2 player game with 3 maps. In this game, players act as generals of 2 kingdoms and lead their armies to crush opponents. In order to win, you have to arrange and direct your army very strategically. Let’s wait to see who has the last laugh.
11. Noah Project: It’s a one player game with 2 maps. In this game, you will act as the project lead of the construction of Noah Ark in order to prevent the potential disaster of the Doomsday. In order to win, you have to raise funds, make investments, monitor the construction process, and handle with unknown circumstances in a strategic way. Can you believe you can do this? Prove it by yourself!
12. Inception: It’s a one player game with 5 maps. As a professional detective, you will break into a criminal’s dream worlds to obtain the top secret of an international Mafia organization. You have to fight with this guy’s powerful protection systems, and resolve different tasks with great efforts. Can you return to the reality by completing this mission impossible or lost eternally in your subconscious? Try your best and good blessing to you!

Please find the download site as follows:
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