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Subject: My Bolaar deck rss

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mar hawkman
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For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory
It's still in the works, but I have made considerable progress.

a1 lunar eclipse
a2-2 slick bargainer
a3 deviant
a4 walk the plank
a5-4 aurora borealis
a5-3 mental inspiration
a6-3 gaia seperation
a6-3 pirate currency
a6-3 gaia seperation
a7 Bolaar negotiator
a7 urbanization
a8 duo-brain
a9 accidental evolution
a10 artificial landmass

b1 anti-starcraft
b1 commercial outpost
b1 personal base
b1 pirate outpost
b7 academy
b10 dyson sphere

c1 used spaceship dealer
c2 helmsman
c3/6 buffy the time knight slayer
c4-4 cyber mage
c4-4 pirate captain
c5-2 exogeologist
c6-2 cyber mage
c6 slave trader
c7 criminal judge
c7 electronic warfare specialist
c7 mystic wanderer
c8-2 assassin
c8-2 general
c9 marauder
c10 legendary officer
c10 legendary pirate captain

e1 terrain attack shuttle
e2-2 transporter
e3 armor system refit
e3-2 clydon energy armor
e3 shuttlecraft
e4 heavy shuttle craft
e4-4 multipurpose phasers
e5 pirate fighter
e6 Bolaar fighter
e6-3 deflection/transfer device
e6 osciillating transporter
e6-3 supercomputer
e7 extreme phaser refit
e8 psybot
e8 starburst accelerator
e9 future ship
e9 unit overhaul
e10 hypercube

f1-3 electro-field
t/f2 access field
t3-2 field of minor wilding

m1 sextaraan web crawlers
m2 snare vines
m3 cyber beast
m3 shield fiend
m4 minor luck demon
m5 astromorph
m6-2 pirate's parrot
m7 cyber mites
m8 time defiler
m9 luck demon

s1-1 Bolaar patrol ship
s2-4 Bolaar ultra-light raider
s3-4 Bolaar light pirate raider
s3-4 Bolaar medium raider
s4-1 Bolaar boarding cruiser
s4-4 Bolaar cargo express
s4-4 Bolaar stealth raider
s5-2 Bolaar heavy cargo express
s5-1 Independant pirate raider
s6-1 armed tug
s6-4 Bolaar battlecruiser
s6-3 Bolaar pirate raider leader
s7-2 Bolaar dreadnought
s7-3 violator's pirate command ship
s8-2 Bolaar flagship
s8-2 violator's pirate dreadnought
s9-1 lone wolf dreadnought
s9-1 renegade ship
s9-2 violator's pirate battleship
s10 Gohest's pirate ship

t1 nagiridni pirate outpost
t2 asteroid shield
t2 forgotten planet
t3 alternate universe
t3 dragon egg
t3 pirate nebula
t4 distant sun
t4 white dwarf
t5 dependency world
t5-3 pirate system
t5 planet - custom military reservation
t5 custom planet: Patrice
t/f5 positron field
t5 system: mad jack's hole
t5 twin moons
t6 planet - command central
t6 system - scholar's retreat
t6 website
t7 free trade zone
t7 pirate alcove
t7 planet - collector's world
t7 custom planet: Jozef
t7 sensor planet
t7 system - Argo
t7 system: fantasy system
t7 undiscovered system
t8 custom planet: chronos
t8 paranoid planet
t8 system - aesthetic marine recruit depot
t8 Bolaar covert system
t8 system: Neumannia
t8 scandig system
t9 planet: Unstable planet
t9 shinnicera
t9 system - vinciennes
t10 custom system: angel's treasure
t10 super-massive star

so... what do you guys think?
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mar hawkman
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For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory
hmm... fixing this to follow proper deck construction rules is actually easier than I was thinking. Just drop all bases higher than one and add another pirate outpost.

b1 anti-starcraft
b1 commercial outpost
b1 personal base
b1-2 pirate outpost
-1 b7 academy
-1 b10 dyson sphere
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