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Subject: 1973 - Med - potential Sov-US naval conflict rss

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David in Sydney (now in Coffs)
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G'day all,


lifted from:


Here is an account of the 1973 Mediterranean campaign as we played it out in Hong Kong last year:

The CNA article is at:

You can also find it at:

Actually Weinland's article gives you a sort of macro view. It is very detailed on stuff like the number of sea days for both sides, but not on the detailed task force constitution that made up those sea days.

Regarding your first query on the OBs most of the American OBs are derived from the thread above, and the Soviet ones from the Goldstein and Zhukov article. So I put the links in the article rather than repeating things.

For ease of reference the Forces in the campaign were:

Americans: Mostly worked out from individual ship histories and some conjecture:

TF 60.1: Independence (CV), Little Rock (CLG), Belknap (CG),Mt. Whitney (LCC), Coontz (DDG), Sampson (DDG), Manley (DD),and Seattle (AOR).

TF 60.2: FDR (CV), Yarnell (DLG), McDonnell(DE) , Ricketts (DDG), Dewey (DDG) and Pawcatuk (AO).

TF.60.3 Guadacanal (LPH), a LST, a LPD, William M. Wood (DD) and Barry (DD).

DesRon 10: Not attached to TFs: Hawkins (DD), Page (FFG), Trippe (DE), Vreeland (DE) and Sims (DE).

Patrol Division 10: Graham County, Antelope and Ready with Standard SSMs, Surpise and Defiance without Standard SSMs.

SSNs: Trepang, Lapon, Sandlance and Gurnard, (as discussed above I found a reference on the net to a lot more SSNs "chopping out" of 6th Fleet at the end of the crisis, but I don't know what they were, know when they arrived, or know if they were in the Eastern Med. (Gurnard is conjectural.)

USMC: RLT 34, consisting of BLTs 2/6 and 3/6.

The Soviets: Mostly from Goldstein and Zhukov and some conjecture:

KUG 1: Groznyi (Kynda CG), Provornyi (Kashin DDG) and Plamennyi (Kotlin gun DD).

KUG 2: Murmansk (Sverdlov CL) and Smetlivyi (Kashin DDG).

KUG 3: Ushakov (Sverdlov CL), Neulovimyi (Kildin DDG) and Reshit'nyi (Kashin DDG.)

TG. 05.50 (5th Eskadra Command): Volga (Urga LCC), Krasny Krym (Kashin DDG) and Nakhodchivyi (Kotlin SAM DDG).

TG 05-54 ( Amphib Group): Otvazhnyi (Kashin DDG), Suznatelnyi, (Kotlin SAM DDG); Ognennyy and Okhotlivyy (both Skory DD); Voron and Yauuar (both Riga FFL); SKRs 94 and 98 (both Petya I FFL); Voronezshki Kom, Krymski Kom, Krasnvneya Penga and BDK 104 (all Alligator LSTs); SDKs 83, 84 and 134 and an SDK MCM, (all Polocny LSTs); and two minesweepers.

Unattached: 3 x Mirka FFL, Naporistyi (Kotlin Gun DD) Krasny Kovkaz, (Kashin DDG), Boris Chilikin and Sheksna, (AOs), Dikson (AR) and two AGIs.

Submarines: 2 x Echo IIs, 1 x Charlie, 1 x Juliet (all missile boats); 3 x Novembers (SSNs), 2 x Whiskies, 2 x Romeo and 4 x Foxtrots (SSs).

We also had all the Israeli Navy, bits of the Greek Navy and what was left of the Egyptian navy to confuse the issue.

In the air CVW 7 on Independence had 78 aircraft and CVW 6 on FDR 72.

These were supported by USAF Phantoms and Greek F102s operating out of Crete and P3 Orions from Italy and EP3 Aries operating out of Rota.

Operating out of Bulgaria the Soviets were given:

Naval Aviation: a Regiment(-)of TU16s, a squadron of TU 22 Blinders, a squadron of SU 17s, a squadron of IL 38s and flights each of TU 95 C (missile carrier,), and TU 95 Rts (command/reccee.)

Frontal Aviation: a regiment of MIG 21s, a regiment of MIG 23s, a regiment of YAK 28s, a squadron of MIG 25 recce, and a squadron of IL 28s, and a flight of YAK 25R recce.

PVO STRANY: a squadron of MIG 25s, a squadron of SU 15s and a squadron of YAK 28Ps. (The PVO STRANY presence was the most conjectural leap that I took, but to make a game of it the Soviets badly needed some long range fighters, I justified this as a Soviet preparation for the escort of the air bridge to Egypt.)

Finally the umpire controlled some RAF Nimrod ASW, Victor recce, and Lightning interceptors operating out of Cyprus, just to mess up the air plots of the two "combatants" in the build-up to hostilities.

Please don't take any of this as gospel. I estimate that the American naval OB is about 90% accurate, and the Soviet about 80% in type, much less so in name. The land based aircraft on both sides are the most conjectural… one of the main deciding factors was what I had available!

I hope that this is useful.
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