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I've mentioned this on several other posts already, but I should probably give it its own thread....

This would apply to just Pegasus, Peg + Exodus with all the trimmings, or all options/modules in between.

If u damage Peggy, draw from 5 tokens. If the 5th token gets drawn, remove the Galactica Fuel damage token and -1 Fuel. In our groups at least, a big part of damaging Peggy is to avoid even the 1 in 8 chance of hitting the Fuel damage token for Galactica. That can make loss by Fuel more likely, and is cause for concern. A lucky hit of the Fuel civvy, or loss of fuel through a crisis card makes the Fuel situation even more dangerous.

I don't have any elegant way of implementing this. All I can suggest are:
1) use a cloth bag, throw in one random Galactica damage token. If the Gal. dam. token gets drawn, -1 Fuel, return that dam. token back with the rest of them (unless it was the Fuel dam. token), remove the Fuel token one, and reshuffle the Gal. damage tokens.
2) If no cloth bag, then shuffle 5 of them, and ask another player to name a number 1 through 5, with 1 being the top token (I currently do this anyways with just the 4 Peggy tokens since they're starting to get marked). Draw that token, and apply the effects as described above if it's the Gal. one.

Sub-tweak1 to this is draw a random Gal. damage token to add with the pool of 4 Peggy ones.

Sub-tweak to this is draw 6 tokens instead... if it's one designated as Fuel, then same as above. If it's one designated as Food, remove the Gal. Food damage token, -1 Food, and immediately draw again.

To implement this, may have to fish out those 2 resource damage tokens specifically, which I do acknowledge does add time and motions, but at least it's not that much extra work.


The only issues I can think of this (other than being unplaytested of course) is that a player who wants to destroy Peggy once and for all with 1 to 2 damages now needs to rely on a bit luck rather than have a sure thing.

As always, your thoughts are appreciated.
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