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Subject: Post Exam - Part 2 - Defense Against the Ancient rss

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Carlos "Koey"
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Part 1 here - [URL][/URL]

So after defeating Baron Blade with ease in 6-7 rounds.
My friends decided to tackle a Level 2 Villan instead.
When they heard Akash'Buta(AB) had 200 hp, they were like "bring it"
Friend B saw that Wraith was quite easy to use so he chose Absolute Zero since he thinks he got the game all figured out.
Friend A did not really like Fanatic, so I said play Bunker as he is like Iron Man. He saw the Turret Mode and fell in love with it.
We were then joined by Friend C who we thought we could teach by having him go last and picked Tempest for him.

I chose Agent Ardent as I have yet to play him.

The location chosen was Insula Primalis, a land full of erupting volcanoes, carnivorous plants and dinosaurs.

So the Heroes are off to defend the wild life from AB.
Turn Order: Absolute Zero, Agent Ardent, Bunker, Tempest

The Heroes started off with a slow start.
With Aboslute Zero with none of his vital gear. And Bunker with only a Gatling gun that does 2 damage to a single target per turn.
We were not able to kill off the Living Rockslide - limb of AB that was out on turn 1 where it was dealing 2 damage to all Heroes.
Luckily we had Tempest healing us back for the same damage per turn so we did not lose much ground, until we had 3 entombs played in a roll, 2 of which were caused by the Entomb. Which was dealing 4 damage to all of us. Totaling a 8 damage to each hero, since we were able to deal with one of them with Agent Argent's melody of destroying an ongoing. The other 2 could not be avoided as they were played in the Environment turn due to AB's innate ability. Though at least we survived that and can focus on the limbs. Which for each time we kill did damage to AB, unlike normal minion cards.

Eventually after the rough start and Agent Ardent being the support by allowing people to play more cards, draw more and constant healing from Tempest gave us enough time for Bunker and Absolute Zero to set up.
Bunker was in Turret mode activating his Flak Cannon and Grenade Launcher, stopping the Environment with Adhesive Foam Grenade as he charges his Omni-cannon.

Finally right before an Volcano eruption happened the Villan card AB played destroyed the volcano preventing damage to the Heroes and bringing 2 Obsidian Field which gave everyone +2 damage.
Taking this opportunity Absolute Zero was able to deal 12 damage to 3 of AB's limbs killing them to do an additional 30 damage then heal himself back up to full. While Bunker fired his Omni-cannon to deal 20 direct damage.

Finally Agent Ardent got his first attack song and was able to finish the job and kill steal Absolute zero who brought AB down to 2 HP.

It was great fun, the 2 games made them like the game quite a bit and was definitely what was needed to de-stress after a final exam.

Side Note: I forgot to include nemesis damage to Agent Ardent, but since there were so few cards that were dealt directly from AB and Argent never went below 10 hp it wouldn't have affected outcome of the game.
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