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I have recently discovered the epic version of this simple and entertaining game after entering in a vassal tournament, and have been enjoying the additional depth and playing time of the epic scenarios.

This was a truly "epic" contest:

The setup, with Hannibal preparing his envelopment.

Rome has tightened up its line. Hannibal is working to move forward his heavily-phalanxed flanks, and cavalry battles have raged.

Hasdrubal's battered HC narrowly survived an attack from Varro, with the help of a first strike card. Rome's left flank has scattered but also recovered some strength.

Carthage's heavy flanks begin to get into range and Roman casualties mount, even as Hannibal's center begins to fray. Hasdrubal abandons his shattered cavalry to lead the foot troops against Rome's right.

Rome led by Atilius smashes through a disintegrating center as Hannibal struggles to execute the carefully set up flanking maneuver that Carthage has worked towards all day. The heavies are little use if they cannot close with the enemy.

Varro's light infantry fights Hasdrubal's phalanxes to a standstill but Carthage's forces sweep the field - with a notable final push by a medium infantry unit that routs Atilius's legion out from under him and seizes a narrow victory with a leader check die roll. The loss of their second leader is too much for the Romans and they rout en masse, which is heartbreaking for their OC who held a strong hand and would have certainly won the day if given just one more turn.
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