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Subject: An Elegant Simple Axis & Allies Revised rss

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An Elegant Axis & Allies Revised

Elegant because it adds no new units and tries to correct the problems with the MB rules and the Revised rules. I think it may be useful because Hasbro has gone far beyond Revised with A&A50 and A&A1942 2nd Ed.

Uses Revised components and rules except –

Map – Move Midway Is. and its garrison to SZ44 and call it Samoa.
. . Add ice blocking invasions of W. Canada, north of Alaska. These are egregious map errors.

At Start set up – remove a Ger. Tank at Ger. and 1 in W. Europe. To balance the game change the number of Ger. Tanks removed. And remove 1 US Trans in SZ10. The invasion of Casablanca/Algeria did not happen historically until turn 2 or 3.

Change pieces – These are more realistic Sub and Bomber rules. And they allow fine tuning AA fire at IC in SBR. This new Art. may be too strong, try reduce att. to 2 or def. to 4, or drop AA capability.
. . BB costs $22 and only 1 can be repaired per battle or SZ per turn in mobilize units phase and 1 per SZ can be repaired at an IC.
. . DD are 2(attacking)-2(def.)-2(move) @$8. They can keep a Sub down, ie. keep it “from firing”. So with enough DD present Subs get just 1 shot. Mostly DD are a cheap ship to die. Payers MAY want to allow paper (or a BB on its side?) cruisers at 3-3-2 to replace all the at start DD, so the strengths are not changed, they can't be replaced.
. . Trans are 0-1-2 @$8. But, only 1 can fire in a given round or cycle of a given combat. This is somewhere between the MB rule and the new 0-0-2 rule.
. . Subs are ignored during movement and ignore ships when they move. DD, on a 1 for 1 basis, can keep Subs from firing after the 1st round. The DD must only fire at the Sub. The Sub can still “submerge” to avoid further attacks. Planes don't need a DD or other ship to attack Subs, but they pay 2 off their range to look for and attack Subs that are alone. Planes must also return to about where they started after they attack a Sub alone. Subs with ships are treated as ships (don't reduce the plane's range and attack/transfers are possible). If a Sub hits and damages a BB it can immediately roll/fire again, if it hits again the BB is sunk. Subs can never take hits from other Subs. You can ignore Subs in your Combat Phase. If Subs and ships are defending together, all attacking units must fight a battle against all def. units. Subs are 2-2-2 @$8.
. . Artillery becomes 3-5-1 @$6. A powerful defensive piece, which A&A has always lacked. It is “dual-purpose” so it can shoot at planes, so it gets 1 die rolling 1 (or less) in the 1st Open Fire Phase of each battle. It can also join AA to fire at SBR. Art. does not add to attacking Inf. any more.
. . Bomber are 2-1-6 @$12. They SBR at roll minus 1, but a 1 becomes a 2. So 2+1+2+3+4+5=17. This makes them better at SBR, 5.9583 vs 5.5, but worse at bombing, while being somewhat cheaper.
. . AA are 0-0-1 @$5. They fire at planes as before, but now additional AA each get just 1 shot rolling for 1 or less.

How to win – The additional victory cities bring more of the map into play.
. . Short game – take/hold 9 victory cities.
. . Medium length game – add 3 VC, Stalingrad, Capetown, and Honolulu. Now take/hold 11 for Axis and 12 for the Allies.
. . Long game – take all enemy capitals.

Special Optional rule –
. . Only IC at capitals can be used by the enemy to build units, except if the US captures an IC at Libya or Algeria.
US get 1 IC at Hawaii.
UK gets 1 IC at either Australia or S. Africa.
Ger. gets 1 IC at Libya or Algeria.
Japan builds 1 IC at Indo-China or Kwangtung on/in their 1st turn.
Rus. gets 1 IC at Karelia or Archangle.

Tech –
. . Change “Combined Bombardment” into “Mass Production”. You can choose 2 kinds of the smaller units and buy 1 of each per turn for half price, round up. Choose from Tanks, Subs, Trans, DD, and FTR.
. . Tech takes effect in your mobilize units phase.
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Derry Salewski
United States
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I'm only happy when it rains...
How is changing a bunch of stuff in an already good game 'elegant?'

The unit rules seem wither way out there (changes to artillery) or sort of pointless (BB.)

You made ships really suck. Except maybe subs. You just addded a lot of complexity.

You take german units of the board because . . . they're so broken?

And tax the allies in the form of an american transport?

Seems bad.

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