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Subject: 2 Players Battle for Supremacy in Spain rss

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Alex Drazen
United States
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My girlfriend and I took our second shot at a 2P on the Spain/Portugal map last night. The plants removed, unknown to us, were the 11, 15, 16, 29, 33, 37, 38, and 39. We chose to play the brown, green, and purple regions at the center of the map.

The opening auction had me taking the 04 for 9 electro, and her picking up the 07 at cost. My initial build was Madrid/Toledo; hers was Salamanca/Valladolio. (Cities 2-2)

I snagged the 08 in the second round of bidding, and she passed to get the turn order. Nobody built anything. (Cities 2-2)

In round three, I passed, and with a current market of 03-05-06-09, she took the 05, with the idea of driving up coal prices for me. Her build was to Caceres and Merida. I built Logroño, giving me 3 cities to her 4. (Cities 3-4)

In round four, she made her first critical mistake: with a current market of 05-06-09-10 but a future market of 30-34-36-46, she bid the 10. I let her have it -- and snagged the 26 at cost. She did buy lots of oil with the 07 to try to negate some of this advantage, but it was not particularly helpful. I built Ciudad Real to her audible groan, so she just passed on the build to get the advantage next time. (cities 4-4)

In round five, I was first to bid and the 20 had come up. I bid it up and let her have it for 25, when, hilariously, the 25 came up, which I got at cost. She ended up building Leon in this round (her second mistake -- I think she should have sucked it up and gone to Santander and Bilbad). I just sat tight on my builds and instead bought lots of coal, enough to power the 25 for four rounds. That drove coal up into the 6's or 7's for her operating costs. (Cities: 4-5)

In round six, she grabbed the 28 (1 nuke for 4) and I didn't bid anything. Both of us could now power 13, but it was way cheaper for me. I kept stockpiling coal and built Santander, Bilbad, and Cijon. I think she just sat tight on building. (Cities: 7-5)

For round seven, I think we just passed on plants, which knocked out the 09. She built the upper left corner: La Coruña, Antiago de Compostela, and Orense. I snagged San Sebastian - and the turn order with her 28 vs my 26. (Cities: 8-8)

In round eight, the 21 had come out and I expected a huge bidding war on it, but I got it for 23. She passed on buying a plant. I took us to step two with a build of Pamplona, Zaragoza, and Cuenca. In what I think was her second major error, she jumped into Albacete and Murcia. (Cities: 11-10). The plant removed to start Step 2 was the 13.

The resources got plentiful and the 18-22-27 combo moved into the market. She snagged the 18 at some point while I sat tight and just didn't bother to buy plants (I may have gotten the 21 in Step 2, come to think of it).

Step 2 was really boring but I basically was ahead in turn order for the rest of the game. Lots of plant stall here for a few rounds. Her third fatal mistake was grabbing the 23 about one turn before the Step 3 card came up -- giving her capacities of 2-3-4-5. She needed two 6's. I only needed one 7.

At the start of Step 3, the only 7 plant on the market was the 36 (3 coal for 7) but coal restocked at 2 and was up in the 7's already, with her buying first. Garbage had dropped to a price of 1! Knowing she could only get to 19 capacity even with a 7-cap, I bid the 30, which she did not bother to bid on despite needing 6-capacity plants, which I think was her final fatal mistake. She ended up taking the 50. She could now power 6-3-4-5 (18) to my 20.

I was literally 2 electro short of building out for a forced win, so the game went another round. I grabbed the 44, which she could not contest because she HAD to buy a plant that was 6 power. She ended up taking the 32 (oil had gotten very cheap - so cheap that the 32 was superior to the 40 for at least one round - and I wasn't always running my oil plant in Step 2, keeping the pressure on her coal prices).

In the end, we both powered 21, but I won on money, $94 to $46 or something like that. I tried to coach her on some of her errors but didn't notice all of them right away (I do the plant and resource markets).


Lessons: I've found that in a 2P, it seems that if you have good plants, if you can make a more advantageous build to start Step 2 (getting ahead in cities, especially 12-9 or 13-10) then the extra city costs to the opponent are an advantage. I also think that you should build at least 1-2 expensive connections early to get them out of the way... that way you can make huge builds later on, when they help you more.
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