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Subject: Some impressions about a race rss

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Uwe Heilmann
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Hi from Germany,

ROADKILL allows to play with a total of 10 cars per race.
And it is also possible to play solitaire (the player team against a team of neutral cars).
It can also be a mix of player teams and neutral cars.

The following story and pictures reflect on such a mixed set-up.
The blue team (Audrey and Tamita) against the Rogue team (The Ugly and the Jolly Killer), both teams against the red team (Taxi Driver, Dark Racer, YBR, BRG, Aerotech, OrangeBlue).

Maybe some of my modifications presented here are of some interest for you.

In order to speed up play, I transferred some key tables to cards.

To determine the cars to participate in the next race, I use specific Car cards.

Player cars carry a specific set of special weapons. Each such weapon has its own combat table,

Here is the "story" of the first phase of a Roadkill race (from the perspective of Audrey, driver of a very powerful car.

Late morning, first day

Race 5 of the season was about to begin. Our team, Tamita and I, were categorized as most powerful. As usual. So we ended up in start positions 9 and 10. Directly ahead of us, the Chain Gang. The Ugly and the Jolly Killer. Dangerous lads as their cars bristled with Chain Guns. The foremost 6 positions were occupied by the red team, a mixed lot of highly motivated drivers rather counting on their team size than car quality. But some of them had some special extras fixed to their vehicles. Ten sections had to be entered in order to win.
Final system check! All Green!

At last, the start signal! Off we go!.

Taxi had a lightning start and raced away, instantly entering section 01. Mountains! (III). YBR followed quickly. As did BRG. The Red team thought they had a nice start but The Ugly demonstrated his brutal way of racing. He floored the accelerator, disregarding own safety as usual, passed all cars in the Start section, entered the mountains and attacked all three cars there! BRG was forced to stop, YBR survived a ramming attack unscathed, Taxi Driver was damaged. The Ugly ended up as the lead, but finally also got some damage. A furious start, indeed.

Tamita had an easy start, moved and passed two Red Team cars without any problems. I followed her.

Not really an usual start phase for a Roadkill race.

Dangerous Ice Patches on the mountain road: BRG had a spinout, YBR failed completely and would have crashed if the driver did not prove to have Great Reflexes.
The struggle for better positions on the Mountain road continued as YBR tried a sideswipe to which The Ugly responded with a Hand Grenade. Both attacks failed, but TU dropped to position 3.

As TU still cursed his failed attempt to hit a red team car, BRG greeted him with some MG bursts. Apart from some bullet holes nothing happened. TU had now three Red Team cars in front.
TU remained cool, „I know a nice shortcut in these mountains!“ He made it! „In the lead again! Hahahahaaaa!“

Tamita entered section 1.

Taxi Driver attacked TU with hubcap blades and scored a success! TU suffered Flat Tire and then crashed! Mountain roads are slippery ...

As YBR passed the badly damaged TU, the driver went berserk and emptied a complete clip when firing his assault rifle. YBR easily swerved this attack born from frustration. And the red team were even more successful as the leading car then entered the next section, 2/II.

As the Jolly Killer entered section 1, he tried to stop Tamita with a determined attack with his chainguns. My team mate could not prevent the opponent to pass, but her car was not hit at all.

Afternoon, first day.

Tamita collected some experience as she tried to make some progress on the mountain road.

Her attempt to exit this section did not materialize. More luck next time.

As I entered section 1, AT was the natural target. The HGL turret achieved a quick lock-on. The grenade found its target and seriously damaged it (4 damage, flat tire, brakes out of action). But the bastard managed to ram my car before he flew off the road. Ditched! My car damaged. There really is no peace on those roads today.

Large roadkill forced YBR to spinout. He quickly recovered and remained in lead position.
As I restarted, I took a shortcut, passed three other cars but the rough tracks had a bad impact on my car’s engine.

As OB passed the stopped TU, a hand grenade was thrown and it exploded in the car’s trunk. More damage. TU was furious. „I’ll get ya!“

The race continued as the sun started to settle ...

YBR managed to enter section 3/I.
I stopped to fix my car back to more efficiency.

OB saw a drawbridge moving up. He decided to „jump it“. Failed miserably but his great reflexes saved the day for him.

Tamita passed JK, fired her autocannon and ditched the opponent. She was now on position 3.


Roadkill provides a great platform for storytelling and each race is quite an experience and a lot of fun. Use 10 cars. Always!


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