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Losing the adventure cards for campaign play:-

Tracking a win with the campaign is easy add up your gold shop and continue if you win get an adventure card that can cancel a monster appearance in future adventures.

Now making a game you lost hard sounds absurd but under campaign rules
The 1st adventure can be quite hard with out treasure items after a kill..

so escaping with what you have is worth it.. and it only make sense to try again the monsters would have made some changes..change tactics

So when the adventure goes pair shape.. e.g no healing surge the dwarf is down! However the elf and the wizard have a chance to bolt to the exit!

i'm planning these rules for my next game:-
I think there should be a encounter every turn till they escape.. generally and on the escape I don’t allow double moves.. as its quite easy to escape with double moves its more dramatic to watch a few extra turns of panic to get out.

Then the consequences.

New deck of cards.
I’m thinking 3 colours green yellow red showing severity..

Failing a dungeon, can have a affect on the

Hero effects:
1 Lose an item/treasure/gold
2 Permanently lose +1/2/3 to attacks ( give up X value of treasure to fix)
3 Permanently lose 1 or 2 speed
4 Lose surge start next adventure with 1 less surge !
Dungeon effects:-
6 Reverse if the Campaign win cards. E.g when X monster turns up place or search next for monster card if one place one and give the card to the player on your right. (Have a card for each monster type)
7 new traps next adventure draw 2 encounter cards each time and always choose to place a trap if 1 is drawn. Other ways play the top card ignore the 2nd. If you get 2 traps choose the hight damage then the most hero’s affected to pace.
8 harder monsters when you draw a monster instead draw 2 monster cards always choose the highest xp highest number if you use tokens… discard the other
9 hidden treasure next time you adventure monsters of 1 xp -2xp don’t drop treasure
10 though monsters* +1/2/3 Armour to monsters

11 Trained monsters* +1/2/3 attack for monsters
*At start of adventure choose which monster is affected draw a random monster card/token..e.g orcs / kobolds
12 Deeper dungeon instead of after the 8th tile. Shuffle the target tile +1/2/3 tile deeper.
13 Entrance guarded next adventure the 1st 2 players draw a monster for the start tile.. heros start on the staiars

Also Some of these can be reversed for new win cards adventure cards..
I’d Photoshop em up but I’m currently down a proper pc.. what do you think does this idea have legs?
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