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This tournament was held last 3rd December in Majadahonda, near Madrid, Spain. I was one of the 5 portuguese players that decided to make 600+ kms to be there. This was the first big tournament that was organized in Spain and there where some minor issues that this first time proved to be. I'm sure that this will be reverted in the future!!

My army:

1800 Pts - Soviet Batalon Opolcheniya List

1 Battalion HQ @ 175 Pts
3 Sniper team
1 HQ Section
1 Komissar team

1 Strelkovy Company @ 290 Pts
1 HQ Section
1 Komissar team
3 Rifle Platoon

1 Strelkovy Company @ 290 Pts
1 HQ Section
1 Komissar team
3 Rifle Platoon

1 Strelkovy Company @ 290 Pts
1 HQ Section
1 Komissar team
3 Rifle Platoon

1 Flame-thrower Platoon @ 320 Pts
4 Flame-thrower Section

1 Anti-tank Rifle Company @ 85 Pts
1 HQ Section
1 Anti-tank Rifle Platoon

1 Shtraf Company @ 350 Pts
1 HQ Section
1 Komissar team
3 Rifle Platoon

Total List Cost: 1800

1ªRonda vs Panzercompanie - Meeting Engagement

This mission starts with at least 50% of the Army in reserve, and as such i put 2 companies in the field, the Shtraf with the AT Rifles teams in the middle, as such the AT Rifle company ceassed to be, and the 1st Strelkovy company in added support of 2 flame-throwers squads (4 teams). The Shtraf was deployed in defense of both objectives and the 1st Strel was on the right flank to go for my objectives.
My opponent put the Recon with the CO on my left side, opposite the Shtraf, and a Panzer platoon to defend the objectives straight in front of the 1st Strel.

1st turn

The german player got the first turn, and the Recon started forward to give some hits at the Shtraf with the CO backing it. The Panzers moved forward also, but one of the AFV's bogged when tried to enter a wood area.

In my turn I advanced the Shtraf and put some hits on the Recon (just for shaking the tin cans a little), while the 1st Strel advanced in Double March against the Panzer platoon and the objectives.

2nd turn

My opponent is unable to bring reserves, and puts all units a little forward with the AFV's on the right flank firing with doubled RoF at the 1st Strel, pinning it in the process.

I roll my 2 dice for reserves and both companies in reserve come up. With this roll I was at the beginning of my 2nd turn with all my army deployed.
The 1st Strel doesnt pass the morale test, not even when the Komissar kiling a team for the re-roll and keep heads down. The Shtraf Coy advanced a little more, enough to aligh some AT Rifle teams with the side armour of the Recon Platoon, and I got the bad luck to have so much luck. The AT Rifle fire was able to destroy 1 Recon team (this was the first time this ever happend to me!! I had see the AT rifles to bail the odd AFV both outright destroy one this I never have done before!!). The Recon needed to make the test because it got 1 team destroyed, failed and retired from the battle not counting as destroyed.
After the Shtraf assaulted the previously occupied position of the recon, followed with a breakthrough assault on the CO and 2iC, destroying the CO and forcing the 2iC to fall back. I the consolideted the Shtaf to the fields (to get advantage of that concealing terrain) and get me ready to defend that flank from that advanced position.

3rd turn

The 2nd Panzer platoon comes from reserve and got forward to machigun the Shtarf in support of the 2iC, meanwhile the other Panzer platoon on the right keep firing on the 1st Strel.

I'm able to unpin the 1st Strel and advance it again in Double March with the 2nd Strel for the backup, while the 3rd Strel keeps where it is to cover the objectives, may the Shtraf break by some way.

4th turn

From Reserve it came a pair of Stugs, that my opponent puts forward to cover the objectives. The 1st Panzer platoon assaults the 1st Strel, I fail the moral test and fall back ending pinned. In the left, the Shtraf keeps been hit by the combined fire of the 2nd Panzer Platoon and 2iC.
Then, out of the blue, we are warned that time for the round is finnished!!! My opponent refused to end and insisted that I got my turn so that at least we both got the same number of turns.

I unpin the 1st Strel, advance everything, the flame-throwers bail 2 Panzers and assault the remaing destroying it in the process, consolidate and the game ends.

Final Result: Victory 2-1
That end of turn without warning was bad. The organization was trying to cut some time along the rounds (in this one it shaved off almost 20 minuts) so that the tournament ended in time. And I only needed 1 more turn to assault the Stugs that where the only thing bettween me and the objectives. Even with this end, my opponent keep looking to the russian sea and wondering what he could do to stop that!

2nd Round vs Vs Panzergrenadier Company - Hold the Line

In the roll that I win I may choose and select to attack and BADUM!!! My opponent almost hits the floor! He asked me if I was right in my head to select to attack with a all infantry army!! He understood after.

1st turn

Very simple deployment: the AT Rifles are put inside the Shtraf, and the FT's are distributed (in sections) through the 3 Strelkovaya companies, and then all speed ahead, everyone goes forward in Double March!!

My opponent puts a Panzergrenadier platoon protecting the front objective, another one is almost at center, and a couple of Pak's to cover the center approaches. from reserves there is nothing, and everyone that is able fires against the green sea, pinning the Shtraf in the process.

2nd turn

I unpin the Shtraf and everything keeps moving forward in Double March

From reserves it comes a Panzer platoon, and the germans keep firing in everything that moves, pinning the Shtraf, the 1st and the 2nd Strel companies.

3rd turn

I'm able to unpin everything, and the Shtraf assaults the PanzerGrenadiers holding the objective, only to fallback pinned from the Defensive Fire (bad luck, didn't work well!!!). The 3 Strelkovaya companies keep moving forward in normal movement.

The german player keeps firin everything in front, this time with the added support of a Tiger (the 88 also come out of the reserves), and the all german army was at turn 3 in the field.

4th turn

I unpin everything, the flame-throwers of the 2nd Strel decided to make a barbecue of PAK's and Panzergrenadiers. The Shtraf assaults the Pzgnd (pinned from the FT's fire) and my turn ends holding the objective eith the remnants of the Pak's (command team) and Panzergrenadiers (command team and 1 infantry team) falling back.

Has I'm holding the objective my opponent must dislodge me and assaults the Shtraf with the Panzer platoon. The HtH fight keeps on for 3 times (shtraf teams flying out like Asterix and the romans) until the Panzer platoon fails a motivation test and falls back. My next turn starts with the objective firmly in my possession!!

Final Result: Victory 6-1

3rd round Vs Panzergrenadier Company - Fighting Withdrawl

I dont like this mission!! As defender I just have to stay still and take everything that comes my way!! I must not fire back, keep GtG, Dug In and Concealed!!! Only my opponent has fun in this mission!!! End result I decided to turn the table and made a full charge, at least this way the game got some more fun!!! And what fun it got!!! Another little gossip, I was talking with my adversary during lunch and he was telling me that he was hopping to not have to battle me!! LOL

My opponent decided for a classic refused flank deployment and put all is army in the left flank, while I was stretched in a line, with the Shtraf in the left flank and the AT Rifles company in ambush.

1st turn

My opponent advances enough to be in short range with everything and starts pounding the Shtraf and started wondering how to get me: from 40 or 50 shots, he hit me with around 20, that I saved 12~13 and the Firepower test that he made was able to destroy 1 Shtraf team!!

I go out of my mind, having a Panzergrenadier platoon in front of me I'm unable to resist, advance the 1st Strel, the flame-throwers fire to pin, assault and the remaing panzergrenadiers fallback. Meanwhile, the 2nd and 3rd Strels start forward in Double March. The Shtraf keeps where it is, GtG, Dug In and Concealed.

2nd turn

The 1st Strel takes shots from everyone, with the Shtraf been hit only with 88's, the main gus of the AFV's and the pak's.

I need to withdrawl a unit and select the AT Rifle company that is in ambush!!
The Shtraf unpins, I fail the unpin roll for the 1st Strel (killing the Battalion Komissar in the process when I got 1 in the re-roll). The 2nd and 3rd Strel keep in Double March hopping to get a piece of the action.

3rd turn

The 1st Strel takes shots from everyone, with the Shtraf been hit only with 88's, the main gus of the AFV's and the pak's. (a little replay here, dont you think?)
The 1st Strel falls bellow 50%, I fail the motivation test, the Komissar kills a base and in the re-roll I got another 1!!! And with this it comes up to 2 Komissars killed by the same company that is by this time taking a little voyage to Siberia!!

The Shtraf unpins. The 2nd and 3rd Strel, keeps on Double Marching (dejavu anyone?).

4th turn

This time the shooting is divided bettwen the 2nd and 3rd Strel, but the Shtraf keeps under the heavy fire.

The Shtraf unpins (this looks like a Matrix glitch!!) and I fail to unpin the 2 other companies!! I put some lead in the air, the snipers appear, but I'm unable to hit anything!!!

5th turn

The Shtraf keeps under the heavy fire, and the rest of the shooting is divided bettwen the 2nd and 3rd Strel (this way this is not so dejavu!! LOL). My opponent starts making some accounting and decides to assault the Shtraf with the AFV's only to get 2 destroyed and falling back with the remaining 2.

I withdrawl the 3rd Strel, and the middle objective, so the only objective in distance of my opponent is the one protected by the Shtraf. I unpin the Shtraf, but fail to unpin the 2nd Strek, killing the komissar in the process (anyone for a komissar barbecue?!)

6th turn

The Shtraf keeps under heavy fire and fire from the Halftracks, the 2nd Strel take some more hits and falls bellow 50%, I fail the motivation test and remove it from the game for a well deserved vacations in Siberia!!!

For the first time ever my army is below 50%, but the CO keeps on the job!!!! The Shtraf needs to get one more turn, and I withdraw the second objective.

7th turn

The Shtraf takes with everything and keeps on even after falling bellow 50%!! The 2 Panzers assault again and the Shtraf soldiers end the engagement with scores of Panzer pieces as medals!!!

In my turn the CO decides to keep on and the battle is over!!

Final Result: Victory 4-3
To win I only needed to keep low, dont shoot, dont fire, doing absulotly nothing!!! And with no fun also!!! In the best firing turn, my opponent was able to destroy 5 Shtraf teams when I was hit 40+ times!!!

And yes the Shtraf is a terror, with motivation tests at 2+, and with the CO bellow 15cms distance, it gets 2 re-rolls for this, it is almost impossible to get it out of the battle! It is worth all the points it costs!!

Final standing: 3rd best Allied Player - not bad for the first international tournament I got myself into!!
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