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Subject: 5-player game. Tyrell Victory rss

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Endre Fodstad
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A five player game with Ports, Siege Engines, Fortresses and the Greyjoy-Tyrell Iron Throne shift for the five player game. This is the group's second game

The five-player game opened with Baraethon and Tyrell deciding to divide up the south between them and form an alliance, with Baraethon getting the best deal. The other players (unwisely) decided that they would not try to counter this - Greyjoy and Lannister discussed the possibility of attack Tyrell, but nothing game of this. Baraethon and Stark also agreed that Stark would get the right to occupy the Narrow Sea for defensive purposes and possibly for support in taking the Eiyre.

The game was dominated by Musterings (five total) and a lack of Supply adjustments - in turn 3 Supply was drawn, landing Lannister at 6, Tyrell at 4, Stark and Greyjoy at 3, and Baraethon at 2. This supply situation continued until the end of the game.

Greyjoy attack Lannister early, taking Riverrun and causing Stark to jump him. Due to a bad Lannister defensive setup and Stark's bad card decicion in an attempt to gain a sea presence, which made it difficult for Stark to influence the support situation, their war quickly bogged down with Riverrun changing hands a few times between Lannister and Greyjoy. Stark proposed that the three would stop fighting and try to counter Tyrell and Baraethon, who were growing too fast for his liking. Greyjoy refused, as he felt he could gain more provinces due to his sea domination. He couped Winterfell in one turn with a knight and a footman, but in doing so split his forces too much - Winterfell could not be defended from Stark (now suddenly able to use his bottled-up forces) next turn.

Bad idea. Tyrell allied with Lannister, and together, due to a massive Tyrell naval buildup, drove Greyjoy from the sea and pushed his fleet into Pyke's Port. After this Tyrell landed at Pyke and crippled Greyjoy (he had three knights at Riverrun, but no way of moving them anywhere but Seagard) . Meanwhile, Stark redeployed and struck a deal with Greyjoy, allowing him to evacuate his men from Winterfell to defend against Tyrell, who looked towards holding seven cities the next turn. Stark did this just in time to prepare for a Baraethon invasion, as Baraethon drove the Narrow Sea fleet into White Harbour.

In turn 8, Baraethon invaded Moat Cailin but was evicted by Stark shortly after. Lannister drove Greyjoy from Riverrun. Everybody expected Baraethon to jump Tyrell to avoid him taking seven cities, but Baraethon decided to be true to his alliance (which gained him many groans from the other players). After this Tyrell invaded Flint's Finger and destroyed Greyjoy's knight-and-footman army there, then destroyed the last Greyjoy knight who Lannister had driven to Seagard for his seventh city.

Playing Stark, I have to admit my irritation at effectively ensuring I could not have any real chance of hurting Greyjoy with a single badly played card (to gain sea presence), but looking back I made some other errors and Lannisters setup wasn't all that good either, while Greyjoy played well. His only mistake was to refuse the truce before Tyrell jumped in.
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