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Subject: Gravity Wave Drive/Sail Technology Variant rss

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Jarrett Dunn
United States
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OK I admit it, this is stolen completely from the Honor Harrington series of books. The intent of this technology was to allow the "shrinking" if you will of the map while requiring tactical thought, and adding risk.

Gravity Wave Drive/Sail Technology 1 & 2:

Cost: 40/25

After numerous experiments your scientists have figured out how to harness the waves of gravity permeating the galaxy to propel their ships at a more constant and reliable speed. The problem with this technology however, is that there is the possibility of the gravity waves ripping apart the ship(s) riding them, the unreliability of the wave reduces steerage other than minor course corrections, and the power consumption requirements are such that after leaving the gravity wave it takes a period of time to build up the weapon capacitors to be able to enter combat. This technology allows ships equipped with such drives/sails to travel at their maximum velocity in a straight line every movement turn, ignoring all exploration markers and enemy ships, until they leave the gravity wave.

-Requires Movement Tech 2 on the ships which are equipped with it.
-At the beginning of a ship's movement phase (before its first movement turn) you may announce that you are engaging the ship's Gravity Wave Drive/Sails, and set its heading (turn the token with the top of the ship the direction it is heading). From this point on, until the ship exits the gravity wave you MUST move the ship its full movement allowed every turn according to the rules below.
-From the point of initiating the drive/sails to leaving the gravity wave you may no longer split off or separate battlegroups.

Gravity Wave Drive/Sails Initiation Phase:

First movement turn:
-On the first movement turn you must move the ship forward as per the standard movement rules for the movement technology the ship possesses. Combat and encounter standard rules apply.
-All ships have 0 defense during this movement turn. This is due to them running "straight and true" to intersect with and get onto the gravity wave.
-If you enter into combat you may retreat as per the normal retreat rules; however, doing so shuts down the gravity drive/sails initiation.
-If you enter into a sector with an exploration token you still must turn it up, and if it requires resolution (Danger!, Black Hole, Etc.) your gravity drive/sail initiation shuts down and the token is resolved per normal.

Second movement turn:
- You must move the ship forward as per the standard movement rules for the movement technology the ship possesses. Combat standard rules still apply, encounter tiles may be ignored.
- All ships have 0 defense and no combat capability during this period of time due to the power requirements of the drive/sails. Power has been shunted from the weapon systems to the drive/sails.
- You may retreat as per normal retreat rules but if any ships have been destroyed you must roll for further ship loss as listed below for gravity wave sailing regardless of technology level.

Third movement turn:
- You must move the ship forward as per the standard movement rules for the movement technology the ship possesses. All enemy ships and encounter tiles may be ignored from this point onward.

Movement Phases while the Gravity Wave Drive/Sails are deployed:

All Future Movement Phases and Turns:
-If using Gravity Wave Drive/Sails Tech Lvl 1 you MUST test for Gravity Wave shearing on the first movement turn of every movement phase. Rules are below.
-Until you announce you are leaving the wave you may not participate in combat, and you ignore all encounter tiles and enemy ships. The computer driving the gravity drive/sails is able to make minor course corrections early enough to be able to ignore and move around and past gravitational anomalies (such as black holes). REVEALED Supernovas prevent movement and destroy all ships in the battlegroup which attempt to cross through them while their gravity drive/sails are deployed.
-You have the highest movement value of your movement tech level
to move every turn (for a movement tech 2 ship this would be 2 movement points).
-You MUST use the full allowed movement for your ship each turn.
-At the beginning of each movement turn you MAY use ONE of your movement points to change your heading 45 degrees (turn your counter to show new heading).
-You MUST use all remaining movement points to move straight ahead on whatever heading your ship is currently facing.
-ALL ships using Gravity Drives/sails MUST be moved EVERY movement turn until they leave the gravity wave.
-Before the first movement turn of any movement phase you may declare that you are leaving the gravity wave, and begin the process of bleeding off your speed and returning to normal transit.

Gravity Wave Drive/Sails Shutdown Phase:

-Until Movement turn 3 of this phase you may NOT change heading at all. All travel must be in a straight line until that point.

First movement turn:
-On the first movement turn you MUST move the ship forward its maximum movement value (i.e. a Movement Tech 2 ship must move forward 2 spaces)
-You continue to ignore all enemy ships and encounter tiles (other than supernovas). Combat may not be participated in.

Second movement turn:
-On the second movement turn you MUST move the ship forward its normal Turn 2 movement value (i.e. a Movement Tech 2 ship must move forward 1 space)
-Encounter tiles are still ignored, but enemies may engage you in combat.
-Your Defense is 0 but your combat value returns back to normal as power has been shunted off of the Gravity drive/sails to the weapons.
-You may only retreat as per normal if the sector ahead of you is an allowed sector for retreat.
-If you retreat check to check for additional losses due to Gravity Wave sheering.

Third movement turn:
-On the third movement turn you can only have the turn 1 ship movement value available for movement. All other movement rules are as per normal game movement.
-All encounter and combat rules are as per normal.

Rules for checking for Gravity Wave Sheering

While on the Gravity Waves you must do the following check at the first movement turn of every movement phase if using tech 1 Drive/Sails. If using tech 2 Drive/sails this check is only required if ships are lost to combat with a successful retreat while attempting to initiate or shutdown the gravity drive during movement turn 2.

-Roll 1D10
-1-5 no loss.
-6-10 Lose a number of ships equal to [11 - Number Rolled]. These ships may come from multiple battlegroups initiating into the wave together.

Note, mileage may vary. Just something I came up with that I enjoy. You can hate it or like it as you see fit .
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