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Subject: Þórr, the Mighty-Þewed! rss

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Merric Blackman
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Ramping up my reviewing.
Happily playing games for many, many years.
I played through a solo game of Yggdrasil today, only my second game of this title. Possibly. I might have missed recording one or two, but I don't think I did. I randomly drew Thor! (the Mighty-Thewed!) Whatever Thewed actually is, I knew Thor was it. And mightily so!

Perhaps Thewed means his name begins with a "th"? That is to say, Þ!

In any case, Þórr began his quest to stop the Giants and forces of EVIL from invading Valhalla by discovering that Níðhöggr was bringing along its friend - and Þór's nemesesis - Jörmungandr to the destruction of Valhalla. Þórr was afraid of scaly green things, so he went elsewhere.

(Or perhaps "thewed" means "cannot spell nemesis"?)

Þórr went to the dwarvfs (dvergar) and demanded they make him weapons! Great weapons! That would bring ruin to the enemies of the gods. Especially in his thews.

(Þórr considered the possibility that thews were hands, and discarded that idea as laughable. And worth recounting to the Warriors Three over mead. Lots and lots and lots of mead. Held in thews).

For the next several months, the dvergar would be woken up by Þórr knocking on their door early in the morning, and they'd sigh and bring out the latest weapon for him to take. Þórr would be happy to receive it, but at the end of the day, would return and say, "I like not this weapon! Make me a better one!" And the dvergar would sigh and forge another weapon for Þóri, despite the fact that the last weapon had been perfectly good and Þórr had defeated his foe. The dvergar knew what thewed meant, and they weren't going to argue with a god who was mightily-thewed. Not a bit of it!

Þórr spent his noon trying to woo a fair valkyrie (valkyrja), but the sword-maiden just gave him the souls of mighty warriors to aid him in his fight against the enemy. Especially against Loki, although that one was keeping his head down. Occasionally, Þórr was persuaded to go down to Helheim by the valkyrja, where he recovered more souls of dead warriors, but upon returning to claim his promised kiss, he found that the valkyrja had gone.

Easier to get were the elves of Alfheim. Or the Alfs of Elfheim. Þórr wasn't sure which. These elves were of great use to Þórs in combat, especially when he started celebrating before the enemy was fully defeated; they'd quietly dispatch the foe and return to Alfheim, where Þórr was forced to return to collect them - calling them cowards all the time. Which they certainly were not, but try telling Þór that. After all, he's mightily-thewed.

And so Þórr's days continued, until at last the dvergar explained that they could make no greater weapons than those he currently bore. Þórr would have argued, but Loki had finally made himself known, and he led the giants out of Jotunheim. Þórr leapt into battle, and slew many a giant, while other enemies advanced on Valhalla, but eventually he stopped when three of four great runes were complete, and he cast down the enemies that were at Valhalla's gates.

And the enemies said, "Screw this, we're going home!" And they did.

And Þórr was sad, because he had no-one left to play with.
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