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Subject: Variant Campaign rules for Descent rss

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JK Han
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Hi All,

Just like to highlight that I've brought up a set of campaign rules in the files section. The basic idea of this rule set is to allow players to use the standard rulebook scenarios as a campaign. Players will be able to "level up", purchase items/skills and bring them over from scenario to scenario.

Best Rgds

Here are the rules (also uploaded to the files sectio as a .RTF)
Exalted Campaign Rules for Descent (ver0.2)
Objective :
This rule set is intended to allow standard Descent scenarios to be played as a campaign with minimum hassle. There is no need to create scenarios that are catered to a campaign ruleset as these are taken care of by in-game adjustments outlined below.

General idea :
The general idea is to :
a. Allow heroes to grow in power and level up through a series of scenarios
b. Slow down the power increase of the heroes to suit a campaign
c. Provide a form of "experience points" so that heroes can improve over the course of the campaign
d. Increase the difficulty of monsters as the heroes become more powerful.
e. Limit access to powerful items early in the campaign, while still allowing flexibility for their purchase (at great cost)

Designers comments :
Note that values (Eg. gold amount, bonus to monster health, etc) given in this rule set are simply representive. The most important element are the ideas behind the rule set, which is to provide a campaign experience without the need to write up scenarios specifically catered for this purpose. Players are encouraged to tweak these values if they disagree with them. Providing a percieved "balance" for each gaming group is important.


Conquest Tokens : 5 Conquest Tokens for 1st scenario
3 conquest tokens for subsequest scenarios
Exchange gold for conquest tokens (rate=1:200gp) at start of game only

Skills : Stat with 2 skills as rulebook for 1st scenario
Skills cost x2 costs
Heroes keep all their skills
Gold : Start with 300gp for 1st scenario
Keep all gold
Exchange conquest tokens for gold (rate=1:100gp)
Items : Keep all items

Designers comments :
Conquest tokens act as a sort of experience/resource for the players. Players can have more gold to do purchases but run a risker game in doing so as they have lesser conquest tokens.

Skills are kept throughou the campaign to reflect the "leveling up" of the heroes. An increase is needed for the cost of purchasing skills so that heroes do not become over powerful too early in the game.

Gold and conquest tokens become an "experience/resource". This encourages players to play well and avoid risky "final assualts" on the final level boss without heed to the final tally of conquest tokens they will have at end game.

Quest levels
All scenarios in a campaign are grouped into difficulty/progress levels. This is termed Quest Levels (QL). QL affects the equipment and monster difficulty

Scenario QL Max. Treasure (MT) Monster Difficulty
------------ ---- ------------------------------- -------------------------
1-2 1 Normal
3-4 2 Copper +1 Life/ +1 Armour
5-6 3 Silver +2 Life/+2 Armour/+1 damage/+1 range
7-8 4 Gold +3 Life/+3 Armour/ +2 damage/+2 range

Treasure adjustments :
All treasures above the "QL max" in the scenario are downgraded to the maximum equivalent type allowed in the QL. The balance of "value" is given to the players as gold.
(Eg. A Silver level sword in a QL 3 game is downgraded to a Copper sword & 250 gold.)

Cost of equipment purchase :
High level treasures are avaliable for purchase in all QL but are a cost adjustment of x2 per level above the Max. Equipment (ME) for the particular QL.
(Eg. A QL 1 game will have Copper equipment at x2, Silver at x4, Gold at x6 costs)

Designers comments :
Quest Levels (QL) are here to break up the campaign to stages so that heroes level up slower and the dungeons remain challenging.The introduction of a maximum treasure is for this purpose as well. The players are given an option to purchase better equipment though, but the exorbitant cost makes this difficult and risky (ie. the more money you save up for that gold weapon, the higher risk you lose half of it through hero death); A hero who manages to get through to save up till he/she gets a gold weapon has certainly played WELL!

Monster power ups are basically inspired by the changes done in the game for changes in number of players and between normal and master monsters. The increase in attack power and range is an idea "borrowed" from the "command" special ability.

Treasure adjustments simply level down powerful equipment so that heroes generally don't get early. This provides convinience as well to using existing Descent senarios without large changes.

Hero Respawn Costs
Heroes that die and respawn in town loose half their gold or 150gp whichever is higher. A player who cannot pay the minimum amount can do the following :

1. Exchange off some conquest tokens for gold at the rates indicated in the Conquest Tokens section of this ruleset.
2. Sell off equipment at the standard re-sale rates (ie. half original cost) to get the gold
3. Retire the character thereby losing all skills and equipment and starting a new character.

Game Over
If the heroes are defeated (through loss of all conquest tokens), players will have to retire their characters and use fresh ones, losing all collected skills, equipment and money. Players will then start off as per starting rules in the main rule book for the scenaro where they were defeated.

Designers comments :
Hero respawn costs are here to do the following:
a. Reward/Force careful play (minimize kamikaze tactics)
b. Force heroes to lose powerful items
c. Again run a "balance" between conquest tokens/ gold/ equipment (players will have to manage what level of risk they want); (ie. More Conquest tokens = less gold = Retire character/ lose weapon, etc)

Rev. History
Ver0.1 - initial write up
Ver0.2 - modified Quest Level table to give QL3,4 monsters more damage.
added Rev. History

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