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Subject: Cat's Tail rss

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Dane Peacock
United States
Stansbury Park
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That tickles
Ah, this is my favorite perch. No one bothers me up here on the tallest spire of this small castle. I can clean myself in peace, and the view is great. Lick, lick, lick.

Huh? What’s that dreadful noise? *shiver* Oh. It seems like the witches are at it again. One never really does get used to the sound of vacuum cleaners. Grandma says it’s passed down through the genes. She says that in the old days brooms were used for riding and, vacuums were used in homes, where many a cat’s tails were injured. Barbaric.

Lick, lick. It is always amusing to watch the witches try to control their vacuums, but that young witch in green is coming uncomfortably close. “Meow, Hey watch it! You are going to crash into the castle…”

“Meoooowwwwww! Helllp!” I have been swept off the spire by this clumsy witch! She’s out of control. Eek! I am going to fall! I’ll just climb up here on top of her hat like so… And sink my claws deeply into her head like… this!

That’s mildly better, and her scream of pain was satisfying. I hope she gets me to the ground safely. Oh, oh, the young male witch is approaching fast. Meow, “turn, turn!” CRASH!

Now, the young red male witch has me. Huh? He is flying around laughing. Hey, wait a minute. This is no mistake. They are playing a game, and I am the prize! How humiliating. Meooow!

At least this witch has a drop of talent. He reminds me of that young Potboy, or Potsy, or Potter or whatever his name is. He is supposed to be a prodigy with this flying business. Wow. He just flew in between the young witch and the old yellow guy. Hmmm, they can’t seem to catch this boy. He has made 4 skillful turns. He has a pet owl, I understand. I hate owls. Although, I wish I were an owl right n…

SWOOSH “Reeeoooowww” Ouch! The old purple witch has me by the tail, “yeooowww!” I can’t stand it. My dignity! She just made one turn, going for another…

SWOOP “Ahhh” The old yellow witch, Dumb Dorf? Is that his name? He has me by the scruff of my neck. I can’t seem to be able to control my muscles. Fine, I’ll just go limp and relax. That’s it. Curl right up into a little ball and just hang here.

How long has he been, flying? No one is even near him. They can’t catch him. He has won, it seems. Good. Let me down on the ground, nice and gentle like. Just like that. Now, I’ll quickly run… “Yeoooowww! My tail! My tail! Turn it off! Turn it off!

Craig = Yellow = 5
Jamin = Red = 4
Skyler = Purple = 2
Dane = Green = 1
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