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Subject: Rules for Surviving LNoE rss

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Vincent Streuner
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Taking a cue from Zombieland, I thought that it might be entertaining and instructive to develop a concise list of strategic points for the Heroes of LNoE, and welcome all other veteran players to amend and flesh-out this list:

Rule #1: Cardio.
It may be tempting to just sit in a building and search, but don't wait for the Zombies to be right on top of you before making a run for it; the Zombie Player has all kinds of tricks to catch you in a mob of the undead.

Rule #2: Double Tap.
If you've exceeded your Weapon limit, be careful to consider whether a Weapon delivers a "Hit" or whether the Zombie is "Killed" before you decide what to discard; Zombie Heroes, Brainthirsty Grave Dead, and Plague Carriers all take at least two Hits before going down, but a Weapon that kills outright will put them down on the first success.

Rule #3: Beware of Bathrooms.
Stay away from Buildings that only have one exit. A good Zombie Player can easily turn these into deathtraps.

Rule #4: Seatbelts.
Try to house-rule some vehicles into the game. The markers for them are already in the game, and they can be used to fantastic effect (e.g., those listed in my Zero Effect scenario).

Rule #7: Travel Light.
In many Scenarios, if you already have a decent Weapon and a Scenario Search Item, don't spend too much time trying to arm yourself to the teeth and get all the fancy toys when you could be working toward the Scenario Objective.

Rule #17: Don't be a Hero.
Someone didn't follow Rule #1 or #3? Most Scenarios require the Zombies to kill off four Heroes as a winning condition, so don't give them a two-for-one deal when the odds don't look good.

Rule #18: Limber Up.
Make sure that the Heroes have agreed on a general strategy and that everyone's carrying out their part of the plan to the best use of their Hero's variable player power.

Rule #22: When in Doubt, Know Your Way Out.
Try to push for use of the 'Door / Locked Door Makers' optional rule from the Growing Hunger Rulebook (pp. 7-8). Sure, it may be bad for the Locked Door cards to have the "Remains in Play" feature, but you can easily get rid of that with various different cards from the Hero Deck, whereas the Door Markers are there for the Heroes to take advantage of from the very beginning and throughout the entire game.

Rule #29: The Buddy System.
Being able to split a shamble of Zombies between two Heroes in Combat will save countless lives throughout your plays of LNoE. Try to keep it to two groups of two Heroes each, though, as you can cover more ground that way and persuade the Zombie Player to divide his efforts.

Rule #31: Check the Back Seat.
If at least one of the Hero Players is any good at card-counting, have them pay attention to which cards the Zombie Player has already used and therefore what you can expect not to see again, as this can sometimes affect your tactical decisions. And at the same time, keep two separate discard piles for the Hero Deck, with the second being for cards that can be retrieved with the 'Pick' options of available Buildings in your game, so that they're easier to keep track of.

Rule #32: Enjoy the Little Things.
In the end, remember that this isn't a Euro game, so don't reduce your playing experience to a simple set of formulaic procedures; remember to have fun and enjoy the theme.

So like I said, feel free to fill in the blanks and customize your own version of the list with your preferred additions. I usually play as the Zombie Player in my gaming groups (who hopefully will never see this list), so I'm keen to see what veterans with more first-hand Hero Player experience have to contribute.
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