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Johannes Epple
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Hello there!
Here´s another try to make Zombies!!! suitable for solitaire play. I had to change the meaning of may cards, but it isn´t as bad as you might think. Mostly they don´t differ so much from the original use.

I use the base game, Zombies!!! 2, 3, 3, 5, 6 without sewer rules, and 8. I use the weapons of 4.

Seperate the Helipad and the Town Center from the rest of the tiles. The starting tiles of two random expansions are shuffled into the tile deck. For a shorter game, I usually use 25 tiles (including Helipad and expansion tiles) and only 12 tiles from each expansion. Shuffle the Helipad in the second half of the tile deck. Shuffle the Helipad of the expansion completely randomly in the expansion tile deck.
If I play with Zombies 8 (Jailbreak), I use it in the same way as the other expansions. I start as always in the Town Center. I shuffle the “Entrance” tile in the deck of the city tiles. Instead of the Helipad, the helicopter will land in the Exercise Yard.
You´ll have two decks of cards, one with all the weapons, the other one with the rest of the cards. At the beginning, you´ll draw one card from the weapon´s deck, four cards from the other deck. From the latter deck, you draw until you have four cards that don´t give you a negative effect.
There´ll be also an “opponent”: place a weapon card on the table for your opponent.
You start with five ammo, life and gut tokens. You can have a maximum of six live and eight guts. You can never have less than one gut.

Turn Phases
Draw a tile
The drawn tile is placed randomly. If you draw the entrance tile of an expansion, you place the Zombies on that tile. Then you add a crossing, where you don´t place any zombies.

Draw a card
Each turn you draw a card from the non-weapons pile. Cards with a positive effect might be kept in your hand as long as your hand limit (guts) allows. Cards with negative effects have to be resolved right away. Cards that are bound to locations of expansions not in the game are ignored. Draw a new card instead.

Player Movement
The player rolls a D8 for movement.
If he rolls a 7 or 8, he´s allowed to draw a weapon card. In addition, place a weapon card in front of the “opponent”. Whenever a card allows you to “take a weapon from your opponent” or any cards from the hand of your opponent, this is where you take them from. The “opponent” never has more than three cards. If you draw a fourth card for the “opponent”, discard a random card before.
In addition, he gains one gut token.
If he rolls a 1 or 2 he has to draw a non-weapon card. If the card has a negative effect, it´s resolved right away, if it has a positive effect, it is discarded instead. If a card might have positive or negative effects, the negative effect is triggered instantly, then the card is discarded.
Then the player may move according to the normal rules.
Instead of rolling the movement die, a player can decide to search a building for ammo if he is in that building and there are no Zombies in that building. He then rolls a D6 On a 4-6 he´s successful: The player rolls, how many ammo he finds. At least 1, up to a maximum of half the number of spaces that building covers (rounded down). So if a building has i.e. 5 spaces, you might find between 1 and 2 ammo tokens there. You can only search a building once per game.
Zombie Movement
You roll D6 and a D3: The D6 shows how many Zombies move, the D3 shows how far they move. Always move the closest zombies into the player´s direction.
Discard cards down to hand limit
At the end of the turn, discard cards down to your hand limit (guts).

You are allowed to play any number of weapons/Items in front of you on the table. But you´re only allowed to use one Weapon at the same time. You might use one weapon and one Item at the same time.
End of game
If you lose all life tokens, you´ve lost the game.
When the Helipad is drawn, you have eight turns to reach it, clean it of zombies and enter the helicopter. If you cannot be there in time the helicopter will leave without you and you´ve lost!
If you make it to the Helipad in time, you win the game!

In general, cards are used in the following way: If they have a good effect you might keep them in your hand and play them at any time. If they have a bad effect (mostly you should play them on other players according to the card text) resolve them, like they had been played on you.
Here we have special rules for some cards in alphabetical order: ( I have the German version of the base game, so I hope the card titles are translated correctly)
Abandon all hope
Be honest to yourself and move like you would have without this card. Don´t be a coward 
Adjusting nicely
If you have played 13 or more Zombies, you may discard this card to cancel any effect that would kill you.
Also playable at the sport shop
Back At Ya!
When drawn, roll a die: 1-3 no effect, 4-6 keep the card to cancel any negative effect of another card.
Cell Mate
If there are no prison tiles on the table, this card has no effect. If there are any prison tiles on the table, place your pawn on a random space on a random prison tile.
Always the end for a zombie existence! Roll a die anyway: On a 1, roll again
3-6 out of gas. May be refueled at the gas station or at the Motor Pool (zombies 2) (simply move to one space there)
1-2 You lose contol over the chainsaw: lose D6 lifepoints
Cram Session
Look at the topmost three tiles: One of your choice is placed randomly, the rest of the tiles is shuffled back into the pile. If the helipad then is drawn before there are 10 tiles on the table, shuffle it back into the pile. This last rule doesn´t apply for expansion piles.
Finders Keepers
Roll a die: 1-3 You´ll gain 2 bullets, but you have to give a weapon in front of you to the “opponent”

4-6 You pay 2 bullets to take a weapon from the “opponent” wich you can play immediately, no matter where you are.
Counts as an Item: add 1 to search roles (to see if they are successful)
We´re playing without sewers!!!
Brain Cramp
Roll for movement points as usual. Then do one movement step after another, each in a random direction.
Govt. Enhanced Zombies!
Roll a D3: You need a 5 or 6 to kill a zombie for that many fights. (A fight means to kill a zombie, not a single fight roll)
Only playable at the Arsenal (Zombies 2)
Hey, I got one of those
Choose a weapon of your “opponent” and play it instantly!
I don´t think they´re dead
Place the two zombies on two random spaces on the player´s tile….there might be even more than one zombie on one space.
I could use a drink
This card is only optional…
I could use that
Gain one Ammo or Gut token
I know what you did
Playable at any time
In the Zone
Draw an additional card when roling a 6 during fight or a 8 during movement in this turn. Only good effects apply.
It´s hard being you
Roll a die: 1-3 If the player loses a life token, in addition he loses a weapon/item in front of him to the “opponent”.
4-6 If you lose a life token, take a weapon/item of the “opponent” on your hand.
This card stays for D4 fights but is discarded after the first loss of Life
It WAS Here!?!
If the Helipad is in play, roll a die: 1-3 move the Helipad to another place randomly. 4-6 Place the Helipad wherever you want to. If the Helipad is not in play, this card has no effect.
I will survive (you on the other hand may not…)
During the next fight, player and zombie roll a D6. Add 1 to the player´s roll. Higher result wins. Go on until one participant is killed.
Roll a D3: You´re not allowed to use any ammo or weapons for that number of fights. (A fight means to kill a zombie, not a single fight roll)
Lots of luck with that
Roll a die
1-3 Discard one bullet and a random card. If a Weapon/Item give it to the “opponent”
4-6 Gain one bullet and take a Weapon/Item from the “opponent” into your hand.
Lots of running and screaming
You may move twice this turn.
Missed Stop
You´re not allowed to use the subway this turn.
Mystery Meat
Gain 1 Life token according to the number of Zombies -1 you kill during this turn.
My, you look farmilliar
Look at the top three cards of the non weapon pile: discard one, place one on the top of the deck, place one on the bottom of the deck.
New fish
If you have more than four lifepoints, lose 2 tokens. Otherwise gain two tokens.
No Guts, No Glory
Roll a D3: no ammo may be used for that many fights. (A fight means to kill a zombie, not a single fight roll)
Oh, that´s new
No movement for one turn.
Pillow Fight
The effect applies for the duration of D3 fights (A fight means to kill a zombie, not a single fight roll)
Power Outage
During this turn you may not collect any Life or Bullet tokens from building spaces or searching. No effect if you use a Flashlight.
Pool Cue
Also playable in the Toy Store or the Casino (Zombies 2)
Rocket Launcher
Playable only at the Army shop. Use it to create a breakthrough: a path from a legal space you occupy to a legal space on an adjacent tile. Discard after use.
Sickel (Zombies 4)
Playable at the Garden Center and Outfitter (Zombies 3)
+1 fight until you lose a life or bullet Then discard scalpel.
Slight Miscalculation
Number of Zombies in the nearest building is doubled up to all legal spaces.
Spear (Zombies 4)
Playable everywhere but in buildings. + 1 Combat. Breaks if you lose any token.
Student Loan
May use an “opponent´s” weapon or item for one turn.
That´s not an exit
If you are in a building, you´re not allowed to leave it for three turns, including this one. Zombies move as usual. I you´re not in a building, this card has no effect.
That´s not so scary
If you have exactly one life and one ammo, you´re unvulnerable for one turn. You are in addition allowed to move through Zombies and pick up tokens, even if a Zombie is on the same space with you.
There you are!
Place your figure on any legal space in a radius of five spaces. It can also be on another tile.
They´re coming for you________
Roll a die:
1-3 Place a Zombie on any legal space of the player´s tile.
4-6 Remove every zombie from the player´s tile and place them on one single tile of your choice, as lon as there is enough space on the destination tile to do so. The rest of the zombies then remains on the player´s tile.
Tranquilizer Gun (Zombies 4)
Playable at the Police station. +1 combat. Zombie is only stunned (layed down) It takes him two movement points to stand up again. While lying, he blocks other Zombies from moving closer to you.
Troubled Childhood
Take a look at the three top cards of each pile: discard one and place one on the bottom, the other one on the top of each pile.
Instead of drawing a tile: Look at the top three cards of the Tile Pile. Place one of them on a position of your choice. Place the others back on the pile in any order you wish.
We´re screwed
Place zombies on the nearest ten legal spaces.
What do you mean, funny?!? (Zombies 7/use it only once in the deck…completely unbalanced!!)
Player is placed on a random space on a random tile!!
Where did everybody go?
Move 4 spaces less than your movement roll shows.
Where did he go?
Place one of the zombies killed by you in a random legal space on your tile (not the player´s space)
Why don´t we go some place more private?
Roll a die:
1-3 Move this turn D8 in the opposite direction you normally would.
4-6 Move twice this turn.
With friends like you…
Discard every weapon on the table (Including the “opponent´s”)
You don´t need this!
When drawn, roll a D6: 1-3 give a weapon/item laying in front of you to the “opponent”;4-6 take a weapon/item from the opponent into your hand, you don´t have to do the positive effect of this card right away, you may keep this card for later use.
You lookin´ at me?
Cancel any negative effect of one card.
Zombie Master
Place 5 zombies in the nearest legal spaces.

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Daniel Urdzik
United States
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I just picked up a copy of the base game and will give your solo variant (with a few changes since I don't have the expansions) a try and let you know how it goes. Thanks for putting in the time and effort to develop these rules.
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Johannes Epple
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docdan42 wrote:
I just picked up a copy of the base game and will give your solo variant (with a few changes since I don't have the expansions) a try and let you know how it goes. Thanks for putting in the time and effort to develop these rules.

Great! I´m curious how you like it...
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United States
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First off I'd like to thank you for all the videos of solo play you've made, for they've helped me decide on many purchases including zombies!!! and most recently DDD.

As far as this variant goes, it started my addiction to zombie games and since then I've added a couple extra rules and what not for a more dnd adventure system feel. A few examples include 3 decks (weapons, treasure, and events with color coded sleeves) to separate the good and the bad cards which are obtained by searching buildings for weapons (rolling a 1-3 = that amount of ammo or 4-6 = a weapon card), treasure by discovering new tiles, and as far as solo goes, events every turn to crank the difficulty . I also start with 1 gut token to give a feeling of "leveling up" and with each ammo token used you must add a die to the zombie roll so 2 shots = 3 dice rolled for zombie movement. It gives you a need to be quiet.

Those are just a handful of rules I've morphed into my own sessions inspired by your awesome videos, so keep it up man. ^_^

p.s If you wanted to know anything else that I've messed around with just let me know

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