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Subject: Littlest Pet Shop - Board Game...? rss

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Matthew Hudson
United Kingdom
Whitley Bay
Tyne and Wear
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My daughter (8) has started her own LPS club for her friends - but the TT cards are just a bit lame. So we sat down and started making another game for them, while also using the LPS figures as the playing pieces. Using some of the other ideas on here and a few more - we've come up with this. Please let us know how you get on and if it translates across to other packs.

Note the values on the various Bonus cards are 20%, 30%, 40% and 50% of (Max card value - Min card value) - this is still work in progress so any thoughts or ideas from others is always good.

Google Drive Link:

Top Trumps - Littlest Pet Shop

Dice - a Move Die and a Challenge Die (we use a red and a white - the same die can be used)
Pack of Littlest Pet Shop Top Trumps
Bonus Cards - list of these at bottom
Chess Board / similar
Player Pieces (we use the LPS figures)

The Littlest Pet Shop pets are having a party! They want to have lots of fun and have decided to play a party game. You and your friends are here to help them.

Your Mission
The aim of the game is to get to the end of the game board with the most LPS Heros. Players receive a LPS Hero every time a challenge is won by the player.

The Cards
Bonus Cards
There are several types of Bonus Card:
1 - Pet Cards which add a value to one of your pet’s scores
2 - Pet Cards which let your pet win a special challenge
3 - Move Cards which move your pet back on the board, so you can do more challenges

Challenger Cards
These are the LPS Pet cards - they have a picture of the pets and a set of the pets skills:
Intelligence - This is how clever the pet is (highest is best)
Littlest - This is how small the pet is (lowest is best)
Rarity - This is how uncommon your pet is (highest is best)
Cuteness - This is how pretty your pet is (highest is best)
Practical Pet - This is how easy your pet is to look after (highest is best)

The Setup
Shuffle all the LPS cards and deal one to each player, place the rest face down next to the board, this is the Challenger Deck.
Shuffle the Bonus Cards and also place them face down next to the board, this is the Bonus Card Deck.
Place all the player pieces next to the board.

Important Rules
The youngest player goes first.
Whenever a player rolls a six with the Move Die or the Challenge Die, he/she receives a Bonus Card.
Once the Challenger or Bonus Card decks are all used up, shuffle the discard pile and place it face down to use again.

Roll the Move Die and start your player piece on the board moving it the number of squares rolled on the die (remember if you rolled a six, you get a bonus card!)

Now roll the Challenge Die, each number represents a particular challenge your LPS pet has to face against the top card of the Challenger Deck.

1 - Intelligence (highest wins)
2 - Littlest (lowest wins)
3 - Rarity (highest wins)
4 - Cuteness (highest wins)
5 - Practical Pet (highest wins)
6 - Pick up a Bonus Card and roll the Challenge Die again

Now turn over the top card of the Challenger Deck so everyone can see and check out who wins the challenge. Remember if you have any Bonus Cards you can choose to play them now and increase your pet’s score, you can use as many as you want.

Once the Bonus Cards are used they are placed in the Bonus Card discard pile next to the Bonus Card deck.

If your pet’s total score is equal to or better than the Challenger’s score
You win the challenge and your pet becomes a Hero and goes into your Hero pile - and you receive the Challenger card as your new pet.
Note that if your pet’s score is equal to the Challenger’s score, then the player on your left can now randomly choose one of your Bonus Cards and places it in the Bonus Card discard pile. Don’t worry if you don’t have any Bonus Cards you cannot lose one!

If your pet’s score is worse than the Challenger’s score
You lose the challenge and the Challenger goes straight to the Challenger discard pile, next to the Challenger Deck. You keep your pet for the next challenge.

It is now the next players turn. The next player is the one on your left.

The End
Play ends when each player has reached the end of the board or there are no more Challenger cards left. It is time to count your Hero’s.

Whoever has the most Hero’s is the winner. It is time to celebrate with your LPS friends!

When a player is challenging, you can play one of your Bonus Cards to help the Challenger.
When a player is moving you can play one of your Bonus Move cards to move them forward.

Bonus Card List
Intelligence YOU WIN x 2
Littlest YOU WIN x 2
Rarity YOU WIN x 2
Cuteness YOU WIN x 2
Practical Pet YOU WIN x 2
Intelligence + 8
Intelligence + 12
Intelligence + 16
Intelligence + 20
Littlest - 4
Littlest - 6
Littlest - 8
Littlest - 10
Rarity + 10
Rarity + 15
Rarity + 20
Rarity + 25
Cuteness + 10
Cuteness + 15
Cuteness + 20
Cuteness + 25
Practical Pet + 2
Practical Pet + 3
Practical Pet + 4
Practical Pet + 5
More Playtime! Roll Move Die and move back on the board x 5
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