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Rhys Hopkins
United Kingdom
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On the night that Shub-Niggurath was stirring from her slumber, four investigators spent their final hours hoplessly trying to close and seal the plethora gates materialising inside the city of Arkham and the small village of Dunwich.

The student Amanda Sharpe started well in her quest, as before she even began she had stumbled upon a strange sign in the shape of a pentagram star. She was sure would help her somehow.

Harvey, one of Amanda's professors was not so lucky, he had never expected to be fighting the Mythos and had not prepared other than to memorise an ancient spell which the manuscript had told him was able to close doorways that appeared to other worlds; with the sheer speed that gates were opening in Arhkam he realised early on that this might not be able to help unless he was very lucky.

Bob Jenkins, the salesman, had only his axe, which he always kept with him in his knap-sack and a good bottle of single malt that he had traded from a shop keeper on his travels.

Jacqueline the psychic, was strangly well armed. She had recently been to the general store and picked up a .45 and .38, in her business it was best to be prepared for anything.

Although the four had no idea that there were others walking similar paths in Arkham, during the night several would meet and have enough time to gather that this was the case. To begin though they all went off to investigate these odd doorways that were opening all over the city.

Amanda immediately jumped into the nearest gate and was able, without too much trouble, to close it with the help of her Elder Sign. As much as this made her job easier it was still a strain to the mind and body to close the gate, the resutant sign looked like it would stop another gate ever opening for, the time being.

Harvey, with no weapons and no idea of what he was getting himself into also went through a gate. Unfortunately he encountered a monster, which as he was turning to run caught him by the ankle. The next thing he knew it was a minute or two since he had entered the gate, but his ankle was swollen and he was back in Arkham. It felt like he had been gone hours and he wondered whether he had been lost in time since the fateful attack?

Bob didn't really know how he could help, so he spent a while travelling around Arkham, trying to gather some clues that would help him on his quest. While Jacqueline took a train to Dunwich to see if anything there could help her.

When Harvey had come back to his senses, he placed his hand in his pocket only to find an Elder Sign, did he pick this up from that other world, how else would it have got there? He bumped into Bob at the graveyard and after they had both spoken for sometime decided to give the elder sign to Bob as he would have a much easier job in these strange places with his fighting ablitily (and axe!). Bob then strode off valiantly as he headed into a gate to try and get one step closer to stopping the Ancient One in its tracks.

After a run in with a particularly horrifying monster Bob cracked and his schizophrenia bubbled to the surface. He had earlier stumbled into a man calling himself Tom Murphy, who said he wanted to help, but now Bob was doubting that Tom was even real. Still, even if he was a figment, his being there seemed to make Bob fight better than he had ever done before. He had by now gathered a handful of clues and thought that it was tine to step one final time into a gate to an other world.

While Bob was there, Jacqueline had found her way into Lost Carcosa. She had also encountered a monster or two, one of which had caught her arm. She was finding it hard to aim a gun with this wound. But since she had two pistols, she was still a force to be reckoned with.

Amanda had sealed another gate, to make up for one that had burst, so Jacqueline and Bob could, at almost the same time complete their quest and put the Ancient One back to sleep for a few more millennia. All was not well, however. The monsters in Dunwich had been left for too long and enough had found their ways into strange vortices to awake the Dunwich Horror! For the time being though it lay still, up there on Sentinel Hill.

Both Bob and Jacqueline's journeys in other worlds were come quickly to an end and they both reappeared in Arkham around the same time. Jacqueline had an easy time sealing her gate and sighed in relief thinking that this horrible quest was over, she was wrong. Bob struggled madly to close his gate and after 4 hours he could still not close it. He had all the clues he needed to seal it, but he just couldn't get it closed!

Before Bob could try again time had run out, the Mythos had turned against them. Suddenly the Dunwich Horror stirred and called out to Shub-Niggurath. The Ancient One was so close to waking that this call brought her straight to Arkham, the final battle had begun.

As soon as it had begun it was over, all four investigators devoured. They had spent too much time trying to seal gates and had not equipped themselves with the necessary items to be able to fight the Ancient One, let alone win.

After hours of toil, the race was lost, Shub-Niggurath had inherited the earth. Luckily for the investigators they were no longer alive to witness it...
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