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Fabio Pagano
Nocera Inferiore
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Hi, I'm an Italian journalist who maintains a blog about board and card games. I have been following BoardGameGeek for years and this is my first post :-) My review of Expedite. Happy reading.

Expedite is a board game for 2-4 people created by Brent Douthit, Travis Koldus and Vaughn Paxton. Expedite is a fast game and the playing time it’s about half an hour. Players are shipping-agents whose objective is to organize the routes to deliver goods in their hub. It looks difficult but actually Expedite is quite a family game accessible to everyone. The rulebook of Expedite is only two pages and the game is explained in five minutes without any problem. Each player chooses a starting hub/airport which will be owned by him throughout the game. Buying hubs around the world, each player will be able to complete the useful routes to deliver goods in his warehouse.

Expedite’s core is formed by two decks of cards. The expedition cards depict colorful aircrafts matching the colors of any other hubs around the world. Each hub is characterized by a color and a number from 1 to 3. To buy a hub a player must discard, from his hand, cards of the same color of the hub he wants to buy. The number of cards to be discarded is equal to the number that identifies the hub. For example, if I want to buy the hub of London, that is a 3 white, I should discard from my hand three white cards. Each player can hold any number of these cards. In addition to the cards with a single color there are also those that are “rainbow” and work as jokers and hub cards, three in all, which allow you to buy a hub without its cost. When a player buys a hub he or she puts a pawn of the same color on the hub.

The other deck of cards in Expedite is the world routes to complete. Each route is characterized by a hub of departure, an arrival hub and by a value. The player is required to hold the starting hub: all those he will use during the journey to the destination can also belong to other players. If the route is completed using hubs of other players then the value of the used hubs will be deducted, and the points will be assigned to the owners of those hubs. To complete the routes is the only way to score points. You win an Expedite game scoring 100 points. Each player has three route cards and can only complete them or discard them to draw new routes. Of course, after a few rounds, all the hubs of the world have been purchased. At that point to buy a hub you have to pay two times the cost payed for that hub by the previous owner. For example, London costs three white cards for the first buyer, to remove the original owner you must pay six white cards and so on.

At each turn a player has one of four possible actions: draw expedition cards, buy a hub, complete a route, discard unnecessary route cards. The game ends when one player reaches one hundred points. Now the components in two words. The board of Expedite is great, a quality that many big publishers do not reach. The level of the plastic components, aircraft and checkers, is very good and also cards (considering the abundant use in the game you will use card sleeves). The only little flaw is the white information hub on route cards, difficult to read but nothing too annoying.

Definitively Expedite is a great family game and a good title for newbie players too. It 's the classic game where the indication of the playing age can go from 8 to 99 years. If you are looking for a game to pull out during parties or for children then Expedite is the perfect game. If you are an avid player of Agricola, Twilight Imperium or Here I Stand then it is not the game for you. It can be used as a filler too: it lasts 30 minutes, perfect to start an evening of games. Do not underestimate the educational value of a game like Expedite: you learn colors, you learn to count and you will discover a little geography. As we did with Risk: did you know Kamchatka before? Expedite is published by Tunham Games and can be found for sale on the National Geographic store at 45$. On the Facebook page of Giochi & Giocatori you will find a photo gallery dedicated to Expedite. Have fun.

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