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Hey all, Gnome here!

As an artist and designer I'm a huge fan of...well, all things art & design. What are some of your favorite card designs? Disregard whether the game itself is great or not. Strictly art & design. I'm talkin' the way the stats are laid out (where the health vs. damage is on a beast. How well they list various attributes and effects and make them stand out). Consistency in design (are all trigger effects in the same place on every card).

Just looking for some fuel for the creative fire so to speak in my own "in progress" card/board game. I'll do the research and google/boardgame geek image search if you would kindly just list some games (board/card or otherwise).

I'll give a few of my favorites/ideas:

Star Wars LCG - I really enjoy the artwork. The layout is neat but its the actual card images that stand out for me.
Mage Knight - The cards read well with the background colors (red, green, etc) and the separation of the normal vs. mana die power is designed well.
MtG - Obviously the grand-daddy of it all for me. Simple but it doesn't have that flavor and ooh aah visual anymore. It is the game-play that dictates how quickly readable they need to be.
AGoT - I really like how the ravens are on the template for Event Cards. Immediately recognizable in the hand.
Call of Cthulhu - The way the faction symbols are laid out on the bottom, so when you form a domain, they have that sort of dual use thing going on.
From what I've seen in youtube videos, I like the dual poker/card effect on the cards from Agents of Smersh. I like when cards do this (acting as a resolution mechanic with a separate design layout for the bulk of what the card really is). Magic did this with those Fire/Ice cards back in the day and I thought it was cool.

Anyway, that is the stuff I'm looking for. Thanks!

oh and what I don't like?
The first Thunderstone cards. I've seen the Thunderstone Advance cards and they look much better. The dark blue box set I bought has cards that were hard to read and separate with so many attributes (strength, exp gain, level of hero, toughness, armor - whatever). Especially the strength of the hero vs. the weight/strength requirement of equipment. They weren't in the same place if you placed them side by side. I like the "the left side of the card is always blah, the bottom right is always blah")

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Race for the Galaxy. Brilliant design, consistent layout. Learning the iconography is a small barrier to entry, but once you know it, you can learn everything you need to know about your own and your opponents' phase capabilities simply by looking across the relevant row (I, II, III, $, IV, V) in your respective tableaus. Very little extra text is needed, allowing room for more art. Furthermore, the phase selection cards look and work exactly the same, seamlessly integrating the role selection mechanic into gameplay.

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