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Subject: Iraq 1991 - Introductory Long Campaign - Day 2 rss

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Dave Long
United States
North Carolina
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Day 2

I continued with a Day 2 mission last night. After consideration, I discovered some errors, one of which I made again, but more on that anon.

I decided that Extra's AGM-88 misses should count against him, as well as Raider's miss. I also miscalculated Stress Recovery as well. So after the first day, Stress levels should have been:

Extra 6
Raider 4
Griffin 3
Brick 3
Duke 3

On the plus side, Griffin promotes to Green from Newbie, which I overlooked.

So, what will Day 2 bring? The first Target Draw was #53 - Command Center. It's a heavily defended 2 VP target, but gives me a nice 2 bump on Intel. With my 6 point Day 1 in hand, I decide to forego any other draws, and knock this out. It has a +3 SO point bonus as well, so I decide to spring for some extra munitions.

The draw for sites was 2 for each approach, and 3 in the center. I drew SA-11s in the South, North, West, and Center, a SA-10 in the center, a SA-2 in the North. AA guns in the East and West, and a SA-8B to round out the Center area. Intel let me eliminate a Center Site, so I removed the Center SA-11.

I assign the following:

Maverick (F-14) 2x AIM-7, 2x AIM-9, 2x AIM-54, 2x AIM-120 (I didn't realize Tomcats couldn't carry AMRAAMs until after the mission. But I could have swapped out with Panther, and with the rolls, it would have been the same result. So, No Harm, No Foul.)

Panther (F/A-18C) - ECM Pod, 2x AIM-7, 1x AGM-88, 1x Mk. 84

Mustang (F/A-18C) - ECM 2x GBU-16, 1x GBU-10

Crunch (EA-6B) - 4x AGM-88

Eyes (E-2C)

Mustang gets Double Duty, since his Secondary Mission on Day 1 cost him 0 Stress, and that +2 AtG modifier was too choice to ignore. Crunch flies the Wild Weasel role. Panther gets one of everything as this mission's Swiss Army Knife, which I probably won't do again, but it worked out this time.

The Command Center is a 8 hit target, so I splurged for the GBUs for Mustang, and gave Panther a 2000 lb bomb just in case.

The Target Bound event was Fleet Resupply, so I immedately recoup 4 of the 7 SO points spent on munitions. If I can knock out the target, I'll break even.

Over Target Event was Smart Weapon Restock, which gave me a -1 for Low, but with the GBUs I needed to stay high. Oh well, at least it wasn't anything bad.

The Bandit draws were fairly benign, given that I had to draw 2 for each approach area and the Ccenter. I wound up with a MiG-29 and Mirage-III in the East, and MiG-23s in the Center and West. During the Pheonix Phase, Maverick knocked down the MiG-29 and the Mirage. Then during the Fast Attack, he used the AMRAAMs (obviously a jury-rigged system that the Top Brass will forbid tomorrow wow ) to nail both the MiG-23s. (The rolls were high enough that Panther would have hit as well, so again, NH, NF).

Eyes spent 2 SA on Panther and Crunch, and the AGMs worked much better today. All SA-10s and -11s were knocked out.

The package moved in toward the target, and on Turn 2 Crunch knocked out the SA-8B before it could range on us. That left just the SA-2 to deal with, but I was out of munitions to handle it. We moved to South Approach, which was clear, and dropped to low to avoid the SA-2.

On Turn 3, we moved into range, and climbed, knowing we'd have one turn of attacks at least from the SA-2. Panther stayed low, but Crunch and maverick went high to provide what support he could to Mustang, which I don't think mattered. But at least it was one more body to try to distract from Mustang.

On Turn 4 Mustang led off in the Fast Attack Phase by using his Smart Bombs to devastating effect. His three bombs scored all the hits necessary to knock out the target. Panther had gotten the last SA point from Eyes, and his Mk. 84's 10 roll was nothing but overkill.

The SA-2 targetted Mustang, but Mustang's ECM Pod worked, and the site was spoofed. We then beat feet out of there. On the way home, we drew Human Element as the Event, which gave us SO points equal to the target if was destroyed, so +2 SO! I actually wind up with MORE points at the end of the day than I started with!

So after Debrief, here's where I stand:

VP 8
SO Points 46
Recon 3
Intel -1 Bandit
Infra -0 hits

Stress Levels

Extra 4
Raider 2
Griffin 1
Brick 1
Eyes 1
Maverick 1
Panther 1
Duke 1
Crunch 1

I need 3 points a day to get a Great result, but I'm running out of easy Range 1 targets. We'll see how things go on Day 3.
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Ethan Moritz
United States
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Great write up! Just starting a USMC Israel Defense campaign myself. First time really tracking everything, so it should be interesting!

Looking forward to day 3!
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