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Subject: Arkham in Japan Game 23: An Eye for an Eihort rss

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Angry Augury
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Here is a link to the previous session reports for anyone interested in following my group's progress:

Season One - Base Game Ancient Ones

Game 3: The Ladies of Arkham VS Nyarlathotep!
Game 5: The First Casualties...
Game 7: Vengeance
Game 8: Over Before We Knew It
Game 9: Answering the Call
Game 10: The Curtain Rises...
Game 11: ...The Next Act Begins...
Game 12: ...The Finale

Season Two - Dunwich Horror and Kingsport Horror Ancient Ones

Game 13: Return to Dunwich
Game 15: If Man is Five
Game 16: WRONG!
Game 17: The Violinist in the Woods
Game 18: City in the Mist
Game 19: Bibliophobia
Game 20: The King and Eihort
Game 21: Eihort Huckabees
Game 22: Catch-22 or wRex-n-Effect(ive)

Our set-up was AH + KH + KiY + MH

-Players controlling 2 Investigators draw three randomly and choose two to play; Players controlling 1 Investigator draw two and choose one.
-Ancient One is drawn randomly.
-Devoured Investigators are removed from the game PERMANENTLY. (Exception: An Investigator Devoured during final combat with the AO will be "rescued" if the AO is defeated.)
-Defeated Ancient Ones are banished PERMANENTLY.
-Encounters are read by a different player than who is having the Encounter. Reading stops at the point of any decision or skill check so outcomes are not known until the player either makes a decision or passes/fails the check.
-If a named Ally to be gained from an encounter is not in the Ally deck, that Ally card can be taken from the box while a random Ally from the deck is discarded to maintain the number in the deck.

-All other game rules must be followed exactly as described via rulebook/FAQ/determined via consensus or discussion on BGG.

Mandy Thompson {4}(me)
Lola Hayes {1}(me)
Sister Mary {2}(friend)
Lily Chen {1}(friend)
Norman Withers {2}(new guy)

Ancient One:

History: Back again. Naturally, as there are only two AOs left in the Kingsport cycle. Ah... this guy gives me nightmares. He's claimed too many lives already. We could have had him defeated the last time we faced in Game 21, but my friend's mistake cost us. I hope we can be done with him once and for all.


The King in Yellow
And the King returns as well. Proving himself to be very dangerous in the last few games, I seriously considered not using a Herald this time. But I'm a glutton for punishment and I said we'd use him until he was defeated.


Not Bast! Hurray! I had no idea what Hypnos could do when he was selected but he had to be better than Bast.


The Bureau of Investigations
Our first use of an Institution gives us the BI (F not included). It didn't seem all that useful, aside from being able to rescue an Ally, but it was worth checking out.


After a four month break, my gaming group finally broke out Arkham again. I was worried for a few reasons: 1. We're going up against Eihort again, 2. We were rusty after such a long break and 3. Our third player was new to the game.

The third player, controlling Norman Withers, joined our game group last year and proved himself to be a worthy addition in Twilight Imperium 3 and Battlestar Galactica. He was eager to try Arkham Horror but with the business of the holidays it took a while before we got this game set up. I felt a little bad for him because he was definitely jumping in at the deep end with this campaign but I knew he'd catch on fast and carry his own weight.

None of the characters began with anything extremely useful for their random equipment. Our weapons were mediocre at best and the only really good thing was the Press Pass that Lola got.

My friend and I debated about what strategy we should take. Worried about the Brood Tokens, he felt we should aim for an all-gates-closed victory. Although I'm all for winning that way, I didn't think we could depend on the luck necessary for that to come through and insisted that we just go straight for the Seals. If we closed Gates without Seals, we'd just be inviting the Doom Track to rise. On the other hand, if we leave the Gates be until we can launch a coordinated closing attack, the monsters would overflow with surges and the Terror Track would increase triggering the King in Yellow. He finally agreed that going for the Seals was the best bet.

A couple turns pass with Gates opening, monsters pouring out and the Doom Track rising yet the Investigators were doing nothing useful. The monsters in the way were either too strong or there just weren't enough Clues in someone's possession to go in for a seal. To make matters worse, we were hit by an Environment card that gave everyone -1 Movement. That really crippled Norman and he spent these turns roaming around Miskatonic University since there was nowhere else he could safely go.

Finally, once the effect wore off, Mandy had a great chance to sneak past the monster guarding the Gate at the Woods and Norman also had a clear path to the Gate at The Unnameable. They both jumped into the Gates but only Mandy had enough Clues to seal. Norman's first encounter sent him back to Arkham which disappointed the player as he was itching to do something--anything--but so far his first game was very uneventful. We pointed out that it was the best possible thing that could happen since the Other Worlds are bad places and he was excessively weak. He closed the Gate and changed the Dimensional Symbol on it to take away two monsters in Arkham and one in the Outskirts to relieve the pressure of the Terror Track rising. Soon, Mandy escaped her Gate and Sealed it giving us our first Seal, giving her her first Brood Token, and removing one of the more threatening monsters on the board.

Still, there were a lot of creatures roaming about including 4 fliers in the Sky. Lily took to the streets, hoping to lure them to her. She got her wish as the next Mythos brought three of the fliers straight to her. Not only that, but it triggered the Hunting Horror sending it to her location as well. Now she was swarmed with four creatures and only her hands to help her. But her hands were powered by the Azure Flame. She snapped the necks of the fliers as they swooped down on her and then faced off against the Horror. She killed it as well without losing a single Sanity or Stamina in the whole brawl. Definitely relieved our monster-number pressure right there.

Lola, who had been Cursed since the beginning of the game, had been following around the Visions of Hypnos and gathering Clues. Having gained a retainer, she started to amass a great amount of money. She intended to go to the Curiosittie Shoppe but grabbed the three Clues at Independence Square to avoid them being destroyed by a Gate opening. Unfortunately, before she could return, a Leng Spider and Cultist appeared, blocking the path to the Shoppe. None of us wanted to go after the Cultists as that meant Brood Tokens so she became trapped.

Sister Mary was sent to the Church since she couldn't be LiTaS and there she was trapped for a while having mediocre encounters. Although my friend intended for her to be a Gate closer, she was rendered ineffective for most of the first half of the game.

By this point the Rift Tracks in Kingsport were getting dangerous. There had been a Cultist and Star Vampire guarded the train station in Kinsport as well as the other Cultist on the Arkham side. Those were dissuading anyone who wanted to get there and help out. Finally I decided that I'd send Mandy up to Kingsport to take care of the Rifts since she already had one Brood Token. But first I wanted her to try her luck at the Curiosittie Shoppe. Lola stepped in and took out the Cultist in the way, gaining her a Brood Token and Mandy went shopping. Luckily her draw included an Elder Sign, which she immediately purchased. Not able to reach an open Gate on one turn, she passed the Sign off to Lola before heading to Kingsport where, by this point, the Cultist had fortunately moved away.

After picking up her fifth Clue, Lily was swallowed by a Gate sending her into the Other Worlds for the first time. Norman also gathered enough Clues and went into another Gate as well. Both Investigators made it out and completed their Seals gaining a Brood Token apiece and bringing our Seal count up to 3.

Lola also dove into a Gate and had some of the luckiest encounters in there, earning a card to prevent Sanity or Stamina loss for any player as well as $5. She came out and used the Elder Sign to seal the Gate and bring Eihort down to 8 Doom Tokens.

During this period, the Rumor "To Conquer Death" came out and we just had no luck in slowing it down. It failed and now all monsters were Endless so no more trophies for us. Still, Lily was holding a stack of six monsters from her previous exploits and had enough for two Blessings. Unfortunately she was knocked Unconscious by a monster encounter and knocked out again after leaving the Hospital on her way to the Church.

Mandy spent four turns in St. Erasmus's Home in Kinsport, relieving the Rift tokens and then getting trapped by the Cultist again. It led to a lot of humor at the table as my friend, who read the Encounters for me, flawlessly added a perverted improv into each of the Encounters hinting at a certain activity that seemed to be popular in that location. The fact that Mandy kept gaining Clues from these Encounters added to the hilarity. Her final Encounter there as the game wore down saw her blow four of the five Clues she gained to pass a check which earned her a new Skill. It was "Dodge", disturbingly appropriate for the joke. But I digress... whistle

Norman had four Clues and was going to go for a fifth but he'd still be at least two to three turns away from reaching a Gate, if he could get past the monsters in the way. Instead, he used his two Gate Trophies to become the Deputy of Arkham. With his Patrol Wagon he quickly got to a fifth Clue and then headed off to the nearest unguarded Gate.

At the same time, Sister Mary gained enough Clues and went into another Gate. Lola backed her up with a Blessing to try to ensure she came through whatever encounter she faced. Norman cast his Find Gate spell and returned to Arkham. He closed and Sealed the Gate with no trouble, bringing us to 5 Seals.

Sister Mary also returned to Arkham that turn and she made the attempt for her Seal. She had three dice and was Blessed. She rolled two 3s and a 2. Failure.


However, Mandy came through with her special ability and Sister Mary rerolled the dice, getting a success and giving us our 6th Seal.

Eihort and the King in Yellow had been defeated.

After the previous losing streak it felt good to get a W again. The new guy enjoyed the game and was happy to get a win in his first game. It was rough going at first but, as expected, he caught on quickly and didn't need much, if any, advice after the third turn.

Hypnos is a GREAT Guardian. His cards actually encourage Encounters, which is awesome. I was thrilled to use him and hope he comes up again. By far, he's the top Guardian in the game. Sadly, we forgot to use his ability the first two turns so that was a shame. In fact, we forgot a number of things but were able to go back and redo them properly once remembered. I think the next game will be better now that we're back in the swing of things.

I was shocked at how negligible the King in Yellow was. I suppose I should have used the new Act cards from MH. But "The Next Act Begins" did come up once and that was the only time the Terror Track rose the entire game. It also happened at the end of the game so it wasn't a big deal.

In the end, it was a great first Arkham Horror of 2013. I hope the fun continues, win or lose.

Final Count:

Doom Track - 9
Terror Track - 1
Gates Sealed - 6
Investigators Incapacitated - 1 (Lily 2)
Investigators Insane - 0
Investigators Devoured - 0

W(D)-L Record:

Atlach-Nacha 1-0
Eihort 1-2
Y'Golonac 1(1)-0
Yibb-Tstll 0-1

Games: 16-7
Six Seals Wins 7
Closed Gates Wins 3
Final Combat Wins 6

Current Streak: 1 Win

Longest Win Streak: 8
Longest Loss Streak: 3


Ashcan Pete (Devoured by Cthulhu / Game 5)
Dexter Drake (Devoured by Cthulhu / Game 5)
Gloria Goldberg (Devoured by Cthulhu / Game 5)
Jim Culver (Devoured by Cthulhu / Game 5)
Bob Jenkins (Devoured by Yog-Sothoth / Game 6)
Darrell Simmons (Devoured by Yog-Sothoth / Game 6)
Diana Stanley (Devoured by Yog-Sothoth / Game 6)
Leo Anderson (Devoured by Yog-Sothoth / Game 6)
Wilson Richards (Died from Injuries / Game 7)
Jenny Barnes (Devoured by Tsathoggua / Game 15)
Joe Diamond (Devoured by Tsathoggua / Game 15)
Michael McGlen (Devoured by Tsathoggua / Game 15)
Tommy Muldoon (Devoured by Tsathoggua / Game 15)
Akachi Onyele (Devoured by Tsathoggua / Game 15)
Agnes Baker (Devoured by Eihort / Game 20)
Carolyn Fern (Devoured by Eihort / Game 20)
Mark Harrigan (Devoured by Eihort / Game 20)
Rita Young (Devoured by Eihort / Game 20)
Ursula Downs (Devoured by Eihort / Game 20)
Tony Morgan (Devoured by Eihort / Game 21)
Kate Winthrop(Devoured by Eihort / Game 21)
Skids O'Toole (Devoured by Eihort / Game 21)
Hank Samson (Devoured by Eihort / Game 21)
Roland Banks (Devoured by Eihort / Game 21)
Amanda Sharpe (Died from Injuries / Game 22)
Minh Thi Phan (Devoured by Yibb-Tstll/ Game 22)
Rex Murphy (Devoured by Yibb-Tstll/ Game 22)
Harvey Walters (Devoured by Yibb-Tstll/ Game 22)
Zoey Samaras (Devoured by Yibb-Tstll/ Game 22)
Jacqueline Fine (Devoured by Yibb-Tstll/ Game 22)
Monterey Jack (Devoured by Yibb-Tstll/ Game 22)

Banished Ancient Ones:

Abhoth 1(1)-0
Azathoth 1-0
Cthulhu 2(1)-1
Glaaki 1(1)-0
Hastur 1-0
Ithaqua 1-0
Nyarlathotep 1-0
Shub-Niggurath 1-1
Shudde M'ell 1(1)-0
Tsathoggua 1-1
Yig 1-0
Yog-Sothoth 1(1)-1

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