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Subject: An East Midlands zombie apocalypse rss

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Mik Calow
United Kingdom
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Having a gap between D&D Encounters seasons we decided to have an evening of playing one of the scenarios for Last Night on Earth (from Flying Frog) as our previous attempt resulted in misreading 80% of the rules.

Over the Christmas period I had played through all of the available scenarios with my brothers-in-law and so chose to run the “We’ve got to go back!” web-scenario. Basically the heroes would have to return to a town overrun by zombies to retrieve a pair of hidden bio cannisters that contained a possible cure for the outbreak. Unfortunately there were also 4 empty canisters and the scientist couldn’t remember which was which.

Arriving at Tabletop Tyrants we had five of us turn up, I decided to be referee and adjudicate rulings and questions for both sides while Glenn, Chris and Tom chose to play the heroes, leaving Tilly in her favourite role of a mindless monster (oops, I meant zombie player).

The heroes started with Billy, Jake, Jenny, and Becky – not a bad mix of characters, but the zombie player soon upset the plans by playing the heavy rains card reducing outdoor movement.

Jenny swiftly made her way towards the police station where a possible canister was hidden, while Jake and Becky seemed to find the barn more interesting, and Billy used his track-star skills to head towards the hospital and another possible canister.

Thanks to several good dice rolls and crafty play of her zombie cards Tilly was able to put the squeeze on all of the heroes and it wasnt long before Billy (having just found the first canister was turned into a zombie-hero (and was replaced quite appropriately by his father Sherrif Anderson), Jake and Becky didn’t last much longer despite having a “This could be our last night” card played on them they too soon joined the ranks of the shambling dead. Tilly needed one more dead hero for a win.

Jenny finally managed to uncover the second canister in the police station as Johnny and Father Joseph reinforced the heroes team. The old priest used his faith to stop the zombie induced rain, taking a wound to do so, but with the race back to the truck looking a risky prospect he thought it was worth it.

Sherrif Anderson was making his way across the town, dropping zombies with precision shots of his service revolver when he stopped in his tracks. Staggering towards him was what used to be his son, Billy. The undead uttered a sound which sounded a little like “Daaaad!” as it approached, arms outstretched for more than a father-son hug. With a tear in his eye the Sherrif blew what little remained of his son’s head off.

Johnny and the priest both mad a move to retrieve the dropped canister in the hospital but were quickly swarmed once again by the undead. Both were wounded but they had to get the cure at all costs. This was when Tilly played her masterstroke, playing the “Unnecessary Self Sacrifice” card and causing one of them to automatically take a wound instead of fighting one of the multitude of zombies sharing their space. The aged priest threw himself in front of the zombie claws, taking the raking intended for the younger man and sealing the heroes fate as he began turning into another of the zombie horde and hungering for the taste of human flesh!

The players agreed that although the heroes had failed it had been down to bad dice rolls and Tilly’s uncanny knack for getting the right card at the right time. Unfortunately time didn’t permit us to run another scenario as we were at the mercy of public transport and the horrible cold weather but when the opportunity arises I’m sure the zombie hordes shall return.

(see for photos from the evening)
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