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Subject: From Charybde to Scylla rss

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Dampenon Fabien
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Rookies talk about strategy, Grognards about Logistics
This is my 5th play, the 3rd with 15/08 Scenario. Last time, I have suffered a tactical defeat and I think this was « bad luck » fault.

I was wrong !

Today is 15 August 1940, Weather is clear all over England...and German motors are warming up...

06h00 :

No Raid.

08h00 :

No Raid.

10h00 :

No Raid.

12h00 :

Obviously, having taken time, Luftwaffe is now ready to strike a big blow...instead of having lunch...

So, 3 Raids are approaching, one in each Region. I place all my Squadrons (Sq) on Patrol at High Altitude to counter :
1 Minor Raid coming from Track C in LF2E Area,
1 Major Raid coming from Track B in LF2S Area,
1 Major Raid coming from Track B in LF3 Area.

Detection Level is determined for each raid, respectively Early/Limited, Sufficient Accurate and Eraly Limited.

Raid 1 is intercepted by 1 Spitfire Sq with Altitude Advantage and 1 close-escorting Me-110 Gruppe must leave the raid, letting bombers fly alone...and bomb Manston Airfield for 1 Bomb Damage Point. First Blood for German ! Bombers are then intercepted by 1 Hurricane and 1 Spitfire Sq...and escape with no loss !!

Major Raid 2 is only intercepted by 3 Sq at Medium Altitude, 5 High Altitude Sq haven't found it. Hurricane Sq is downed as Light Loss and 1 Ju-88 Gruppe as Heavy Loss. It then Bombs Biggin Hill for 1 Bomb Damage Point, hampered by a Navigational error. Screaming for vengeance, 8 Sq with Altitude advantage intercept it...but, instead of the expected slaughter, 1 Spitfire is downed as Light Loss and 1 Ju-88 as Heavy Loss.

8 High Altitude Sq fail to intercept Raid 3 which then bomb easily Poling Radar for 3 Bomb Damage Points, affecting future Detection for nearly all South Coast. Cautiously letting my Sq at High Altitude because Raid is still Heavily escorted, I fail to intercept it.

So, after these first combats, German takes the lead with + 7VP...and I have commited all my Squadrons !

14h00 :

1 Major Raid will come from LF3 Track C. Detection Level is Early/Accurate but there is no English plane available to scramble. It's a perfect moment for Ju-87. And, laughing at my face, 3 Ju-87 and 2 He-11 Gruppen bomb Warwell Airfield for 4 Bomb Damage Points...and a previously undetected Minor Raid is coming now from LF2 South Track A. With Detection Level Late/Limited, 2 Me-110 and 1 He-111 Gruppen will target Canterbury Industries and inflict 3 Bomb Damage Points.

16h00 :

2 Minor Raids will come from LF2 South. Detection Level are respectively Early/Poor and Late/Accurate. 7 Sq have taken off to patrol against this double threat.

Raid 2 (1 Me-109 and 1 Me-110 escorting 2 He-111 Gruppen) is intercepted by 3 Hurricane Sq. 1 He-111 is downed as Light Loss but, assisted by Pathfinders, lonely He-111 Gruppe scores 2 Bomb Damage Points on Rochester Industry.

Passing unintercepted through my High Altitude patrolling Sq, Raid 2 bombs Lympne Airfield for 2 Bomb Damage Points. 1 Hurricane Sq then intercepts it and is downed as Light Loss by a reduced Me-109 Gruppe !

Recovering Raid 1 is intercepted by 2 Hurricane ( Green Spitfire Sq fails to locate the German) but each side fails to inflict some loss.

18h00 :

No Raid.

It's time to add (and mainly substract) Victory Points :
2 Gruppen in Heavy Loss : +4 VP ;
1 Gruppe in Light Loss : +1 VP ;
3 Squadrons in Light Loss : - 3 VP ;
16 Bomb Damage points (!!) : - 16 VP.

Final Score is -14 VP, for a (humiliating) British Disastrous Defeat.


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