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Subject: If there are un-searchable areas along the north and south map edges rss

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Glenn has suggested that that map is too small if the zones are just 25nmi. across. He suggests that the scale be changed to 40 to 43 nmi. per sq.

My counter proposal is to make all of the #1 row along the north edge be un-searchable and the 3 areas on the west map edge of row #7 also. The US can't move into these areas and IJN can't attack or search while in them.

This is to simulate the posibility that the IJN could have gone around the search area that the US was searching. From these areas the IJN can't move ships to Midway in a night, but they can get in air strike range overnight.

The area to the north also simulates the weather front that hid the IJN CV TF during 6/3.

This post is to think out loud about how players can game this rule and see if it is workable. 1st off, I think players will use these areas a lot. If there is no penalty why not? The US will not know which of 2 directions the attack will come from. The US will not be able to rush forward to engage the IJN before he is ready, because he will not be out in the open during the 1st day.

Suppose that the final search rule allows the US to use 10 PBY searches per day, that each {PBY} search can search 2 adjacent areas, but 1 is searched in the regular search phase, and the other just before you tell him where you are because you attacked him. Further, suppose that IJN float plane "Jakes" can search the same way with a limit of 2 per turn out to 4 areas, and US Ds & IJN Ts can search 2 areas [1 closer and 1 further or 1 further and 1 closer] up to 2 areas from their CV in the same way. Also some few searches by Mavis & Emily flyingboats from the Marshall islands. Assume that PBY searches can't search Column A in the 1st turn of every day, it takes time to fly all the way out there and they can't leave too early or they can't search while they get there.

In the center, on the 2nd turn he can use 5 PBY searches to search all of the 10 areas that he could reach. The US can contain the #7 row with 1 PBY search per turn starting turn 1100, this uses 4 per day. On the north edge, the fear is that the IJN will get in range of Midway during the afternoon of 6/3. This would be in area E-3 and areas east or south of that. Starting turn 4 he would need 1, then 2, then 3or4 or more per turn to blanket the approaches. Using Glenn's search system, the CVs can search around themselves without showing the enemy where they are. Also, he will not know where you just searched, but will know whenever he is found.

On 6/4 if we assume they have not snuck into the map center, and they are still in the un-searchable areas, they can be anywhere in these areas. Now, it takes 4 PBY searches to search all but the A-2 that you can't reach, but he is not there, it's to far away. Even C-2 maybe too far. Again it takes 1 per turn to contain the southwest corner. 1st turn, I would use 3 in the north and 1 in the southwest. 2nd & 3rd turns, I would use just 2 in the north & 1 in SW. This is 4+3+3 = 10 after that and in the center it will be just CV planes.

A D-6 on 1 CV can search 6 areas every turn by using 3 D-1s each turn then readying them for next turn. 6 areas ought to be enough.

{Edit to add-- By 1100 of 6/4 the unsearchable area of row #7 should be searchable. By 1500 6/4 the #1 row also should be searchable.
Also, the B-17 on Midway are pretty much useless for bombing ships, better for them to let the US use the B-17s as 6 more search counters/day.}

BTW-- I know that Ds and Ts can really fly at least 3 areas out to search. The problem is that they can't get back to their CV in time to keep to the schedule. This would mean flights of 10 or 11 zones = 250 to 275 nmi. x2 to return. At 128 knots cruising speed (SBD) this is 4.3 hours, which is more than 2 full turns [at 140 knots = 3.93 hrs]. An optional rule might allow {reword-- "SBDs to fly out 3 areas & Kates to fly out 4 areas"}, but take 1 turn to start out & not search, then a turn to search, and then a turn to return and ready. Again this is 3 turns total. As there are just 7 daylight turns in a day a D-1 could make just 2 such flights a day. Better to search closer and alternate turns so 2 D-1s can search 2 areas every turn.
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