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Subject: Everyone was Kung Fu Fighting rss

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Nathan Baumbach
United States
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My wife Michi and I spent the last two hours playing the Kung Fu Fighting!card game while eating a hotdog dinner. The first two games we didn't keep track of what was going on, except Michi launched a dramatic flying kick, I countered with "My Kung Fu Beats Your Kung Fu" to dodge and return an Invincible Punch, only to have her block with a Blocking Punch. Crazy! We did keep track of our last two games, just so we could make a fun account here.

Game Three
Since I lost the last game, I challenged her in my own dojo and went first! I instantly threw up my Snake stance, whose main benefit was I got to draw 8 cards instead of 7. Michijumped right in and Kicked me for 2 damage. I ran in and tried to pull a Flying, Flipping, Spinning, Invincible Throw, but she was Balanced and canceled my huge attack. On her turn, she goes into Dragon stance and attacked with a Flipping Punch for 6 points (ow)! I tried to reply with a Invincible, Wild Throw, but again, she Side Stepped me and I missed! However, I changed my stance from Snake to Dragon, for the attack modifiers!

Going on the offensive, Michi launched into a Magnificent, Running Up The Wall Kick - but to no avail as I Jumped Away! My attack was a Split Fast Trip for 4, putting her off the Dragon stance! She then dropped into a Drunken stance and grabbed a Sword off the wall! Just to mess with me, she feints and Trips me for 2 points - erf! The Trip makes me lose my Dragon stance, and so I grab a pair of Nunchucks to increase my defense against all punches and kicks! I hit her with the Nunchucks for 1 damage! I would never see the defense bonus, as Michi then performed the dreaded Spinning Throw for 6 points and making me lose my Nunchucks! Fumbling, I grabbed a Chair and waited for the next attack!

Her next attack is a Kick, and I can't block, so I'm down to 1 Chi. I hit her with the Chair for 3 points, but that breaks the Chair so I have nothing. She falls into the lofty Crane stance and tries to Kick me again, but I block with my own Blocking Kick! I go back into the Dragon stance (if only for the damage). She tries to Fast Kick me, but I stop it with another Blocking Kick! As a desperate attempt, I go for a Running Up The Wall, Flying, Fast Punch (with the Dragon bonus), but somehow it's cancelled - by a BLOCKING PUNCH! She took a swing with her Sword, but I stopped it with a Weapon Block! My gambit at 1 Chi looks grim, so I take a deep breath and draw more cards. Luckily, I can go back to my Snake stance and I get an Umbrella! I do a Flying Trip for 4 damage!

It did little good as Michi drew up her Iron Will, gaining back 3 Chi (back to 14 Chi). She assumes the Tiger stance, and tries to lay me out with a Trip. I discard the Umbrella to save my life as it cancels her attack! Focusing my last bit of power, I go for a Combination attack - a Magnificent, Spinning, Invincible Kick with a Punch thrown in. She smiles as she counters with a Blocking Kick! All my Chi drains away and I am humiliated in my dojo in front of my students as she decides to Kick me for 5 damage! She almost Punched me instead - and I had one card in my hand - a Blocking Punch! Somehow, I survived 4 entire rounds of attack on 1 Chi only to be defeated by her fickle choice of attacks in the end! I collapse, swearing revenge in a smokey temple on a high mountain!

Michi - 2 games, Me - 1 game

Game Four
Now, I go first again, only this time, I go straight to Tiger stance and come out kicking like mad. I do a Running Up The Wall, Flying Kick for 7 points! Michi retaliates with a Fast, Wild Trip for 4, and I lose my Tiger stance! Not a problem, since I can easily drop into Monkey stance and whip out my trusty Nunchucks! I feint, and do a Spinning Throw for 3 points! In two rounds, Michi's down half her Chi. I have her on the ropes! I must get revenge!

Michi does a Combination attack of a Split Kick Throw (I have no idea how one does that) for 6 damage, making my Nunchucks go spinning away into the darkness! Angry, I change from Monkey to Snake stance. I summon up my Iron Will and show her my Dramatic Pose (for +4 Chi)! She goes sailing backwards as I hit her with a Fast Kick for 7 more points! Weak and almost out of Chi, Michi grabs a nearby Chair and drops into Crane stance! Oh no! Snake stance is weak against Crane stance, and it's obvious when she breaks the Chair over my head for 5 points! But I shrug it off, and expose her weakness to kicks by hitting her with a Kick for 5 points, sending her flying through the window, over the cliff into the sea!

Michi - 2, Me - 2

I must be the Stance Master - in every game, I drew a stance card and changed my stance to either mimic hers or to get the bonuses for the enhancements I drew. My first game I luckily drew the prized Fan weapon, which gives you a defense of 3 (cancels 3 damage), so I just whittled down her defenses and Chi until I could maul her with a Flying Punch for 6 damage after playing "My Kung Fu Beats Your Kung Fu". The second game, she beat me down with a Table and just Threw or Tripped me when I tried to get a stance or weapon.

I like this game! We're thinking about getting En Garde! for another totally random, dramatic-acting card-fest by Slugfest Games (if we have the time and money, that is).
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