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Subject: Seelöwe 39 rss

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Colin Raitt
United Kingdom
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We rolled for who got to chose start date and sides. Jon won the dice off and decided on 1939 with Molotov Ribbentrop and himself as Germany. That political chit guarantees 1 year of peace with the soviets. He ceded Slovakia to Hungary who became his client. South Africa split from Britain.

Set up. 10 French TAC in Marseilles. Poland ringed Warsaw. 6 Italian TAC in Trieste and cavalry in Zara, target Belgrade. Germany placed 2 panzers along the Rhine and the other 2 on the Polish frontier but all 20 TAC on the North Sea coast. A cordon of garrisons in the Caucuses protected Stalin’s rear. He split his tank corps 4 against Finland and 2 facing Romania after production. Britain had a standard set up.


Production. Italy allied with Germany and declared on Britain. She built landing craft at Kiel and paid for carriers. Germany built hers in Wilhelmshaven with 4 reduced panzers, 2 air fields and 10 TAC, target Britain. 4 more panzer corps and a para were formed, destined for Poland.

Diplomacy. Italy went up and down with Spain. Germany did the same with Hungary and rose with Romania. Britain bribed Turkey. Russia passed as she was about to ruin her international reputation.

Declarations of war. Italy on Yugoslavia. Russia on Romania, Finland, Bulgaria, Spain and France. This allowed him 2 offensives and made Franco ally with the French at the cost of 35 BRP.

Germany flew 30 TAC over the North Sea. Britain flew 10 to Gibraltar and Malta, shipped 2 armour to Casablanca and railed a third to the Norfolk beach. 2 panzers landed safely at Rosyth forcing 5 TAC to rebase to Scapa Flow. 3 infantry moved north to block them. 2 more panzers landed behind these so they were reduced for lack of supply. TAC from Sea control landed at Rosyth and the landing craft returned to Germany to reload. Germany could only afford to rebuild 1 of the panzers that had landed.

French subs raided the Baltic. Finland was forced back from Karelia with the loss of 1 corps and another reduced. She is unlikely to survive another season as she can’t rebuild her infantry at full strength.

6 Panzers cleared the southern approach to Warsaw. The airborne made it past the Polish fighters only to be overrun after they landed. The capital held thanks to poor rolling by Germany in exploitation. Poland sent a cavalry and infantry off to Breslau. Fortunately that was the only German city to fall so there was no risk of her surrendering.

Romania gave ground but should survive another turn yet. Reduced soviet marines landed near Varna. They weathered a counterattack so they could be brought up to full strength. Landing at the port itself would have opened the Bosporous for future operations.

Italy controlled the central and western med with a total of 4 TAC. 2 2-3 infantry sailed for Libya. The French were not yet at war with the Italians so flew their planes to Tunis. Britain controlled the eastern med and advanced on Tobruk but couldn’t reduce it.

Yugoslavia masked Belgrade so the Italian armour couldn’t reach it but cavalry from Zara could. Line attacking, my armour and cavalry supported by TAC took the city in regular combat. Yugoslavia collapsed giving Italy a nice little boost to her BRP. My planes rebased to Genoa.

France attacked Frankfurt over the Rhine. It was a narrow front so he may have thought it would be weakly held. 1 infantry was reduced for an armoured corps. Craig brought in a fresh replacement for exploitation but still couldn’t clear it. The lack of TAC slowed him down decisively.


The Baltic froze but winter was otherwise mild. The political chit was Mussolini is always right. I declared on Greece for free. Germany was forced to join me and pay for the privilege.

Germany controlled the western approaches and North Sea so Briton couldn’t draw funds and the invaders were supplied. After raiding Britain was on -5BRP. Germany rebuilt a panzer in Wilhelmshaven and bought her general offensive. Britain got the first offensive and pulled her infantry back from Rosyth whilst the armour came up from Norfolk. A reduced panzer overran all of Scotland. The TAC in Scapa Flow had nowhere left to run to. 3 panzers failed to break the British line at Manchester. A fresh panzer landed at the now unmanned Norfolk beach and exploited into London. It would have been a near impossible job to push the garrison out if the UK had any BRP left. As it was, German tanks rolled up to the houses of parliament and Britain surrendered.

Poland rebuilt infantry in Warsaw. Italy sent some troops to stop the Polish expedition and BRP to Germany. The panzers managed to take Warsaw and liberated Breslau in exploitation. Poland was defeated.

France declared on Luxembourg to widen the front along the Rhine. Italy railed a pair of garrisons to Bonn. The French line attacked Bonn and Frankfurt. 2 rounds of battering gained him no ground.

Finland rebuilt her losses at reduced strength. Soviet tanks streamed into Helsinki overwhelming the defenders. Finland joins the growing list of conquered nations.

Romania held firm against Russia. They even managed a little counterattack once soviet BRP ran out. Romania can be brought to German client with the Banat. Under the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact Russia will have to stop attacking her. Bulgaria will probably fall to the Russians.

Britain controlled the eastern and central med cutting supply to 4 corps in Libya. Luckily Tripoli and Tobruk both count as supply sources. British GHQ couldn’t attack as there wasn’t enough BRP to buy an HQ offensive.Italy controlled the western med as they were still at peace with France.

We stopped at 12:30pm. Although Britain has surrendered, quite a lot of her forces will fight on in the colonies. It’s hard to say if Britain would have been better to fight to the last man in the home island. Overall, the axis and Germany in particular have made a very good start.

It’s a shame to hear that Avalanche press won’t be printing any more copies of JP3R.

Thanks to James (Russia), Craig (Britain & France) and especially my ally Jon (Germany) for a good game.
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