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Connagh Muldoon
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So, I bought this because I was able to get it at a superb price (considering the terrifying price it was labeled with) from a trader at an event I was staffing.

Has to be said, I'm cripplingly disappointed.

Beautiful game board my arse, the artwork is great, but you've ruined it by stretching it so wide it looks terrible, and covering up huge chunks of it with giant unnecassarily coloured squares. I was bloody disgusted at the obviously cheap and lazy production values here.

Gameplay is sensible but lackluster. I thank the gods it was a Knizier because that gives me half a chance to sell it on.

So, here are my suggestions if you guys want to rerelease this, but... good. Most of these are compiled from what I've heard in other forum posts or from other people who've put their money into this and been sorely disappointed like me.

1. Scrap the numbers!
Instead of numbered tiles, use Mythos-related symbols to add some theme.
Give blue players guns, lanterns, swords, police badges, fedoras, anything reasonably sane and thematic. Give red players Elder Signs, Cthulhu heads, sacrificial daggers, spellbooks, screaming faces, that kind of thing.

2. Redo the board!
Fresh and new art on the board that's sized correctly, so it actually looks like it belongs there, and that you care about quality. Sod the giant red and blue boxes! Scrap the obvious colouration as a differentiator; give the blue side something like an elegant golden picture frame, something classy with gold and swirls and nice steampunky designs. Give the red side a border of skulls and tentacles and mould and rot! Something thematic and dark.

3. Caaaaaaards.
Give us a deck of cards. Each player draws two to start the game, and can play them on their turn instead of drawing and placing a tile. Also let us draw one if we get a three-of-a-kind or better. Example cards:

-Move any tile belonging to your opponent to a free space adjacant to it. If this completes a line or column, score as usual.
-As above but for one of your tiles.
-Your opponent chooses one of his tiles and gives it to you. Place and score as usual.
-Swap cards with your opponent.
-Remove one of your opponents tiles.
-Take a tile from one side of the board and swap it with the tile occupying the same space on the other side of the board. If there is no other tile, simply move the first tile over.

Just some examples, and I'm sure you can do much better. Give them nice thematic names and styles. Perhaps "Remove opponents tile" could be "Murder"? Swap cards? "Hallucination". So many possibilities!

To compliment the card rules, have the tiles be two-sided so we can flip them as marked so we don't use cards over and over on the same tile.

4. Rework the scoring lane!
Remove the numbers, just marked boxes in each direction, with the words "Cthulhu Rises" and "Cultists Defeated" in their respective places. Change out the crappy little cardboard counter for a mini, which is an investigator on one side, and a cultist on the other.

And before the inevitable is mentioned, I'll do it for you. "Production Costs". My answer? Bullshit.

You know, where I bought this, they wanted £16? I got it for £7 because I am the master haggler.

£16! How much does it cost to produce a cheapo board and 61 bits of cardboard? The intellectual *cough* property is hardly worth it, considering this game has been universally panned. Use some of the money you got from conning people out of their cash with the first edition, and splash out on making a good version of this game, which I feel has a lot of potential.

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