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I am not a game designer. I wanted this out of Black Sheep when I saw it on the table, but ended up loving Black Sheep as it is. What do you think though?

How similar is this to something you know about? Does anyone want to do anything with this?

There are 6 fields. You have animals in each field that are different. The way that you seed these fields is a random card draw. Like in Battle Line 2 players play cards on both sides of the field. There is a max limit of cards that can be played. Whoever plays the card last, when there is an odd number of total cards greater than 3 when you count both players sides can decide to take the animals in said field but the confusion comes for players deciding which field to win and trying to figure out if they will win the field they want (confusion is the primary focus of games, convince players that they are making suboptimal decisions and they will play again in their quest to make better ones). This itself is a game. Just a very dull game too close to Battle Line. Anyone follow me? Okay here's part two.

When you collect the various animals it triggers something called exponential growth in the other fields. Instead of their only being 1 animal in the field you just won there are 4 in all of them now. Because you won an animal right? You basically bid for it with money, but you bid craftily so that you were the last person to lay your money. Like on Ebay. So now it is even more important to win the field of your choice. There are 4 animals out there in each field instead of 1.

Or is it more important? Time happens. A snap decision in an auction is sometimes a better bet than a measured one. When you win your animals they go into your in the mix corral. You have crazy goals to try to meet as far as set collection. If you meet a goal on a card you may sell all of your animals immediately that meet that card's set. If you do so early you get 200 dollars! Yay. If you do that in the late game you only get 20 bucks.

Here's the rub. When you sell quickly like that all of the other animals in your "in the mix Corral" go into the unwanted animals pen. They are sad. They cost you negative points at the end of the game.

So if you meet multiple sets perfectly for less money in the late game you could do better.

You will have less waste.

I can basically make this game with 2 sets of Black Sheep. And I will. Cara and I will try it.

Since my end goal is to impress and please Cara I will theme it this way. You are a cat collector collecting rare and beautiful cats. The cats that are not sold for points end up not being sad but all going to one person's house.

Yep the fields are animal shelters. You run a smaller animal shelter. When you collect the animals and sell them as sets you are "finding the animals homes". In the mix is when they are at your animal shelter. The waste pen is when they all go to someone's house and that person ends up having so many that even they agree that there are some negative points to it.

I hope someone enjoys it or makes it. Maybe I will make it. I don't know my time schedule.

As rough of a sketch as it is, I'm not sure who likes it.

Cara likes it and states, "you know that would sell". But I tailored it for her tastes. I don't want to spend any money on a passing idea and will not self publish. I enjoyed thinking it up. I feel like it is most likely too similar to some other design.
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