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Subject: [English Version - Story] Monterey finds the Gate and the Key rss

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Marcelo Marques
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Monterey comes back to Arkham bringing an Incan statue to sell it to his old friend who owns the Curiositee Shop. There are the notices of the Ghost Ship docking on city, together with the report of stellar monsters and crazy man bubbling about the Gate and the Key who makes Jack be more cautious about what happens on the city. He knows by his contacts that something happened on the old mansion on Merchant District, but he does not want to go there immediately as all events lead there, including vanishing people on last night.
(On setup, I get Luck+1 skill, Holy Water and Healing Stone as random Unique Items; A Ghost Ship Docks was Mythos card, opening a gate to Yuggoth on Unnamable, putting a clue on Woods e summoning a Mi-Go on Unnamable, a Star Spawn and a Cultist on Merchant District)

Monterey goes to Independence Square to find clues after discovers that and old gipsie knows histories about this Gate and this Key, but the gipsie camp already goes away when the rumors started. Seated at the square, she found some strange letters on the monument about the foundation of the city, and when he approaches he saw those symbols glowing lightly, touched on the stone and feels like an electric shock on his body; Monterey knows that he is not in Arkham anymore – but he does not have a hint on where he is right now. Even without knowing it, this has released a Heat Wave on Arkham even in autumn.
(Get a Clue token in Independence Square, fail Luck test even after spend 2 tokens (yes, I rolled 6 dices) and was dragged to Celeano; Heat Wave was the Mythos card, opening a gate to Another Dimension on Woods and a Dark Young. The Mi-Go moves).

On Celeano, Monterey is lost, and the sounds and forms seen make the pressure to much for his mind, and he feel the sanity being dragged by that place. Each step looks heavy and heavier, but he continues to walk – maybe by habit, maybe by fear of staying idle, hoping to find a way to come back.
(Lost 1 Sanity by encounter, Rumor Stars are Right is the Mythos Card, opening a gate on Science Building).

Yet in Celeano, Monterey found a gate far from him, and Independence Square like in a picture on the wall, a really strange window size picture in the air. His legs are heavy, and he tried to run as the Picture diminishes his size slowly. He tries to get more speed, all his senses alert, adrenalin being put in his blood as his heart beats fills all his ears. But something really looks like bind him in place... and the gate is gone, the light and sounds of the Square being lost and vanishing in the foul air... at that moment Monterey knows why he cannot run... the mass, the gate and the key finally showed itself fully, swallowing the adventurer in his path to Earth dominance.
(Get and encounter and fail on Speed test (1 dice); I was Lost in Time and Space, being devoured... I know that normally I can get another character, but I really believe that this was a good end to a Call of Cthullu Story).
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