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Subject: The Purge: # 143 Dixit: A party game with art rss

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Jayson Myers
United States
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Please check out my other reviews at:


Dixit is a party game that doesn't feel like a party game. It plays up to 6 players and it is something you will play with non-gamers or when you have casual friends over. I don't keep a lot of games like this around the house, but, in my case, it is nice to have one or two you can break out if needed.

Dixit is particularly interesting due to the beautiful and unique artwork on the cards. The game is centered around the art work and your interpretation of the art work.

The components in Dixit are sparse, but what is here is very good. By nature, expansions (i.e. more cards) are necessary if you plan to play this even remotely regularly with the same people.

Overall, this is not the sort of game I would play all the time. Even so, I do need a game like this in my collection (a party game) and Dixit is my favorite of the party games.


The inside of the box is a scoring track and you get some wooden bunnies (!!?!) as scoring trackers. You get some voting chits made of cardboard. The main components are the cards with beautiful artwork on each one. The cards are a little over-sized which works well for this game. While I would not hang this sort of art work up in my home, I do like the art work and it works great for this game as it is interesting and naturally open to interpretation. In my viewpoint, the components are very good.

Rule Book:

It is hard to call it a rule book. It is simply a piece of paper front and book. The back of the box really tells you all the rules you need to know to play the game. The rules are clear and we really didn't have any questions when playing the game. Top notch.

Flow of the Game:

The game is simple and I'll try to explain it simply.

On your turn, you choose a card from your hand and you state a sentence based on the card (ex: Rabbit, Harlem Globetrotters, and/or I like to eat a sandwich). You then play that card face down.

The other players choose a card from their hand they believe most closely resembles that phrase/sentence/word. They play that card from their hand face down.

The face down cards (one from each player) are mixed up and laid out and turned over (thus, you don't know who played which card).

Each player (except the person whose turn it is) plays a chit attempting to guess which card is the person's card who stated the phrase/sentence/word.

Now, the rub or the general idea is when you play a card you want people to choose it. If you are the storyteller (the person saying the phrase/sentence/word), you get three points if at least one person, but not every person chooses your card. If no one does, or everyone does, you do not get points and everyone else gets 2 points. Also, each person who has their card chosen gets one point.

So, each person has an incentive to choose a card close to the phrase/sentence/word chosen so someone will pick it. Yet, the storytellers wants to describe the picture close enough that someone chooses their card, but not everyone.

It is not as confusing as I have written it and it is much more fun.

Should I buy this game?:

Yes, if you are in need of a party game. This is not a game you will play with "gamers" (or maybe you will). To me, this is a game you will play with non-gamers or a very light game. The group will make this game better or worse. I enjoy this game, but I would not play it all the time.

Even so, this is a keeper to me.
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Bryan McNeely
United States
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Another nice review. thumbsup

My only issue with the game, at least from a component viewpoint, is that they had no reason to use such a large box for so few components. Justifying it by having a flimsy piece of cardboard as a scoring track is a bit silly to me. The central box is barely tall enough to rise above the scoring track, so if there is shifting on transit or issues with shelving the game, the smaller box could potentially damage the track (mine is). They should have packaged the game inside a much smaller, shelf space-sparing box and replaced the filler-turned-scoring-track with a nice sturdy board to track points.

Aside from the goofy packaging, Dixit is a hit at my house and even our Euro-game fanatics had a good time with it.
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