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Subject: They shall not pass! rss

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Michel Sorbet
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"A son seul aspect n'est-on pas terrasse? Nul n'est assez hardi pour l'exciter" Job 40:28
After two rather short scenarios (Hedgerow Hell and Mopping up) I decided to try something bigger. And especially something with armor units!

I chose H2 (Bridgehead!) as I wanted to inverse the roles of both sides. In H1 and H3 the attacking side were the Americans - now it will be to the Germans.

The Americans are outnumbered but the canal that the Germans will have to cross, will enable them to counter the counterpart moves.

Here is the initial setup:

The Americans are entrenched behind the canal. The Germans will enter the game in three separate groups.


The Americans position their forces behind the canal. Note that per the scenario special rules hexes J1 and K1 on map 4 are canal hexes too.

I draw the first chit for the Germans. It's a '1' which means that two Panzers will enter play this turn. Both units enter from the southern edge and stop on the bridge. As long as there are no more German units the attack has to be postponed.


The American infantry unit leaves the forest on J3 and retreats. The Panzers will no be able to shoot at it.

A second chit is drawn - this time it is number '2'. The infantry units enter the board from the northern edge of the map.

Led by Weissman and Schmidt the Germans take positions in the woods. They are ready to pounce at the canal line.


The Americans react to the threat by changing their facing.

A unit with a bazooka is sent to the other side of the canal. It will await the Panzers.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I home-ruled that the road on H5 is behind the building so units just passing through the road will not be seen from H1 (map 4) or the half hex just beneath H5.

The third chit is drawn. It's a '4' so unfortunately for the Germans no additional units will enter the board. The attack has to be postponed for one more turn.


The Americans just wait.
During the German segment command phase the last chit is drawn (the '3') and the huge reinforcements enter the board. They take positions despite some OF from one of the American stacks.


The American segment is quiet - the storm comes just after.
The Germans finally launch the offensive but they immediately encounter fierce defensive fire from the Americans. The Mark 1's open fire and two Panzers are destroyed.

On the other hand the unit with the bazooka is eradicated by German infantry.

A look a the losses at end of turn 5:


Things are not looking good for the Germans as they lose another Panzer and a full squad.

The last surviving German tank fires at one of the Mark 1's and destroys it. German troopers assault the bridge and despite heavy losses try to seize it.

The close assault that follows takes down a second Mark 1. The Germans managed to establish a bridgehead!


The final turn begins and the Americans manage to overrun the German forces with their last remaining Mark 1! A half squad is left on the crucial F5 hex - the rest of the remaining forces is sent to the bridge to make a final stand.

The Mark 1 is welcomed with a Panzerfaust salvo and explodes!

The bridge is still in American hands. It is the only path to the other side of the canal so the Germans have to take the bridge with an overrun. It's their only chance to take hex F5 during this final turn.
The last Panzer approaches the bridge. The last American unit on the bridge fires a bazooka. The shot proves deadly!

The last Panzer is gone and so are the German chances. They will not be able to take hex F5.

American losses are high but they achieved their objective. Germans did not pass.

Fantastic game! Very intense and it could have gone either way. The Germans had some bad luck with their final chit draw. Had it been drawn on turn 3 the game would probably end with a German victory.

The rules concerning AFV are very well laid - adding armor to the game adds depth and makes things even more interesting!

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