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Subject: NEWBIE GAME____ Narnia the quest for the lost sword rss

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Newbies are encouraged to play we will start and monday at 12:00 bgg time.this is easy for newbies to learn and does not have the hard stuff. I will accept afew experienced players. Read the rules below and if you still want to play post a massage and I will add you to the list.
we will accept a minimum of 5 players and a maximum of 11

If you are interested in the game but have not yet played then THIS IS YOUR CHANCE!


Werewolf is a game of accusation, deduction,reverse psychology and bandwagoning. Moreover, it's a lot of fun.

The rules are pretty simple: The players represent a village and each member of the village has a role which is kept secret. Most players are ordinary villagers but two or more are murders and one is a witness, there are some other roles which are explained later. The goal of the villagers is to eliminate all of the murders. The goal of the murders is to achieve 1:1 parity with the villagers at which time they can openly rise up and overwhelm the villagers thus winning the game.

The game consists of two different phases: Night and Day. The game begins with a Night phase.

In a night phase the moderator will ask the murders to choose a villager to “kill” and also ask the witness to choose one player to “view” with him. The murders should decide amongst themselves using the board's PM(private message) function who their victim will be and inform the moderator of their choice. The witness should decide who his target will be and inform the moderator of his choice.

The murder's victim is dead and is removed from the game, but the rest of the village won't find out until daytime who the victim is and what their secret role was.

The witness' target has his role (villager or werewolf) revealed to the witness only.

During the daytime the villagers all wake up and find that one of their own has been killed by the murders. At this point at least one player is a murder and so someone is gonna get kill.

During this phase all players, including murders who have assumed villager form, must discuss their suspicions. Eventually it will reach a point where villagers start to cast votes for who they feel is a murder and must be killed. Votes are cast by placing bold text in a post like this VOTE PLAYER A. At the end of the day (which is defined as 6:00 pm BGG time) the player who received the most votes is killed and is removed from the game. That player’s role will be revealed to the village.

When the killing is done all the villagers go back to their homes to sleep and the next night begins.

In case it's not clear: The villagers win if they kill all of the murders. The murders win if they kill enough villagers so that their numbers are equal. At this point the murders can openly rise up and slaughter the rest of the villagers.

Special Roles

Roles will be assigned randomly; the Moderator will inform you of your role via PM on Monday night. The following is a description of the roles in the game.

witness – There is one witness in the game and he is on the villagers team. Each night the witness may choose one other player to “view” by sending a PM to the moderator with that player’s name. The moderator will tell the witness whether his chosen target is a murder or a human.

murder – There are two murders in the game. The murders know who each other are and may send PM’s between themselves to discuss strategy. At night the murders PM the moderator the name of the player they’d like to kill. In the morning that player’s death will be announced along with his special role.

Hunter – There is one Hunter in the game and he is on the villagers team. If at the end of the game the Hunter is alone with one murder then he will kill that murder and what would normally have been a murder win will be a village win.

traitor – There is one traitor in the game and he is on the murders team. The traitor is an evil human and wants the murders to win. If the murders do win then the traitor wins also, but if the villagers win then the traitor loses. However, the traitor does not know who the murders are and the murders do not know the traitor. Crucially, the traitor will appear as a simple human if viewed by the witness

Villagers – There are four to six regular villagers in the game. The villagers have no special abilities other than their own deductive ability. They will have to vote wisely to win the game.

1) Only the murders may PM’s between themselves. All other players may not send PM’s (unless to the Moderator as called for by your role or to ask a question)

2) If there is a tie in the kill vote then the player with the longest held continuous vote against him will be killed.

If you have any questions please ask. I encourage you to sign up below. Welcome to the game!


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