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Subject: Official advisory how to combine C&K with E&P rss

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Jörg Baumgartner
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I tried to translate as closely as I can. Comments in brackets are mine.

Original text:


Rules suggestion for the combination of "Cities and Knights" with "Explorers and Pirates"

A) Building Cities:

Upgrading a settlement to a city is allowed. A player has the choice to upgrade a coastal settlement either to a city or to a harbor settlement. It is impossible to transform a harbor settlement into a city, or vice versa, after the upgrade.

B) Composition of the Starting Island:

At the selection of hex fields from the basic game for the starting island setup, replace one forest hex with a fields hex.

C) Founding Phase

Each player places a city instead of a settlement and thus starts into the game with a harbor settlement and a city.

D) Knights

Knights cannot be transported by ships. The knights remain on the island they were built upon. Knights that were built on an island with a pirate lair may not be used as units in liberating the lairs. Likewise they must not be used as units in the spice islands.

E) Barbarian Ship Arrival

All cities on the starting island and overseas are counted. Harbor settlements don't increase the barbarian horde.

The strength point of all knights (whether on the starting island or overseas) are added up against the barbarian threat.

F) Units

As a matter of principle, units aren't calculated in the defense of the cities against barbarians.

G) Commodities

Commodities may not be bought with gold from the bank.

Players who gain the (spice island) advantage of "quick gold" (being allowed to exchange one resource card for one gold) may sell a commodity instead of a resource for 1 gold.

H) Progress Cards

- Medicine: A settlement may be upgraded to a harbor settlement for 1 ore and 1 grain card. (The text says that a city may be upgraded for the same price. I'd still have the city cost 2 ore and 1 grain.)

- Bishop: Instead of moving the robber, that isn't used in E&P at all, your own pirate ship may be moved or another player's pirate ship may be replaced.

- Irrigation/Mining: harbor settlements are treated like settlements for purposes of using these cards.

- Defection: this card only works on knights, units may not be chosen to defect.

- Inventor: Excepting 2, 12, 6 and 8, any number chits may be exchanged, also between the starting island and any discovered hexes or liberated pirate lairs.

- Road Building: only works on roads, not on ships.

I) Aqueduct

If a player has built the Aqueduct and he doesn't receive any income except due to a rolled 7, he may take 1 resource card of his choice. In addition he receives 1 gold coin according to the E&P rules.

J) Victory Conditions:

Klaus Teuber recommends the victory points necessary as follows:

Victory points of the E&P scenario +5 (for cities, metropolis and savior of Catan).

Combining the 4th scenario of E&P with C&K would result in 20 Victors Points reguired to end the game.
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