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Subject: 5 - player game; the trouble with faitfulness rss

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Endre Fodstad
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A 5-player game with Ports, Siege Engines and Fortifications. We tried a house rule that required a player to hold his 7th city until the end of the turn to win. Results of that below.

The game opened with Lannister (the victor of the previous two games)forging alliances with both Greyjoy and Tyrell in a move that would ultimately ensure that he could not win the game and keeping his reputation as a faithful ally at the same time.
The new Stark player made some initial blunders that made Greyjoy jump him early. This one-on-one war lasted until turn 8, when all that remained of Stark was a ship in the Shivering Sea. During this time, Lannister, Baraethon and Tyrell expanded and Mustered until turn 5, when Tyrell and Lannister jumped a Baraethon cursing himself for the stupidity of listening to both his neighbours' assurances of non-belligerence while ignoring their (and especially Lannisters) hostile deployment. With Tyrell having built all his six ships and Baraethon having his naval strength up north, trying to shore up Stark, King's Landing, Storm's end and Crackclaw Point fell on turns 5-6, and Dragonstone fell on turn 7. In turn 8, Baraethon had no cities and only four strength points of land forces left, his naval forces bottled up in the Narrow Sea and Blackwater Bay, unable to break through Tyrell's blockade.

Now the remaining three players held six cities each and Lannister was allied to both his opponents. Tyrell (me) had weak land forces (at least compared to Lannister's forces - he hadn't mustered a ship the entire game) and an easily assailable position if Lannister should turn on him, so after securing moving last in a rather odd Clash of Kings (as former 1st Iron Throne holder Tyrell managed to set himself last on the track)at the beginning of turn 8, Tyrell pushed Greyjoy out of the Sunset Sea with a single ship but a superior card deck and then proceeded to annihilate Greyjoy's armies at Flint's Finger with a Siege Engine and a Knight from Dragonstone (!), in the last action of turn 8, for a victory over a Lannister that realized he would have had to betray one of them to win - and who still vehemently denies that he, in effect, betrayed Greyjoy by not supporting his defense of the Sunset Sea when Tyrell pushed Greyjoy out from there.

Finally a win in this game for me. I was beginning to think I was completely useless in it, after one near-annihilation and one defeat. I pitied the Stark player - as a newbie he was at the mercy of the more experienced Greyjoy - once Greyhoy took the Bay of Ice, the North was not defensible. Baraethon's defeat was his own fault, both for not attacking Lannister immediately and for actually believing a Lannister player who so obviously had secured a deal with Greyjoy having no hostile intentions against him when two four-strength armies bordered King' Landing and Crackclaw Point!

The alternative rule was, in my opinion, meaningless - the only difference is that the endgame and last CoK consists of everyone trying to be last on the Iron Throne chart, and the last player blitzing to victory just as in the normal rules.

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