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Subject: Cariboo Island, An Enigma Review. rss

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Why this review.
I decided I own enough board games to start posting reviews. I own Agricola, Catan, Carcassonne and many more popular games, but all these games already have tons of reviews. I'll start reviewing the less popular games I own, with only a few or no reviews at all on BGG.

What Do I Think About Cariboo Island
d10-1 Is it a Board game ? Are you sure ???
d10-2 Beautiful toy, I wish I had toys like that when I was a kid.
d10-3 My 4yrs old daughter loves to play this, as a parent, I dread it.
d10-4 A well built toys, it this Fisher-Price?
d10-5 I have to review it as a Board game, as it's listed on BoardGameGeek and it sells itself as a board game.

indigo Game Board 6/6

A game board or is at a toy? Either way, it's sturdy, Fisher-Price quality plastic, colorful and functional for the game aspect, and resist to my 4yrs old daughter trashing it around. It has all those neat doors on the side that opens at a push of a key, and the plastic cardboard on them are printed on both side, for a "Basic" and "Advance" "game experience", very well built and designed. And to top it off a nice little treasure box that opens to reveal a treasure inside.

Wow, that's a very nice toy.

corn Game's Bits 2/6

Game Bits, there's a few, the treasure chest, but I added it to the game board for this review, that helped get the board a 6/6. Here, the bit's are the key, and 6 cheap poker chips, again, has that 2-3 yrs old thick, sturdy and colorful plastic, and does a decent job, nothing more.

sugar Rule Book and Rules 3/6

The rule books is strait forward, nicely detailed with drawings to explain "game play", it does its job, but is overly simplistic, they could of added a few more rules here,(more on that later).

tobacco Game Mechanic 1/6

It's actually way too simplistic, load up the device with all 6 chips, they will fall at random in one of the 15 side chambers. (That's actually cool, and worth the one point I have to give it here). Then the game begins, flip a card, if you can find a matching door, open it, if not, lose your turn. When opening the doors you will eventually find a chip, when you do, "bury it in the sand" as stated (or just insert it in the coin slot), and who ever put the last one in, opens the top treasure, and win the game, that's it.

If you read this, and "thought" that's not a game, it just like giving people a d6 (5), and telling them to roll it one after the other, and who ever rolls a 6 (6) win the game, CONGRATULATION!!! you just saw the same thing I did.

My daughter loading up the device.

coffee Re-playability 1/6

The re-playability here is nonexistent; the game play is nonexistent. My daughter spend hours loading the chips in, opening all the doors and opening the chest by herself, and re-starting this process for hours, that's a toy.

I can see why the company added the cards, my wife loves that part as it becomes a "learning/teaching toy", but it's still a toy never the less, not a board game. Even if it comes in a board game box, and store's away nicely, and all the parts are top quality, it doesn’t make it a board game; that's why we don’t review Barbie Dream House or G.I. Joe Aircraft Carrier on BGG as those are toys.

thumbsup As a TOY !!!
thumbsdown As a Board Game !!!

So this review, must judge this toy as a 1/6 Board game because of zero mechanics or game play. BUT as a toy, it easily ranks as a solid 4/6 for the 3-6 years old. We gave it to my 4 yrs old daughter, and she spend hours playing with it, the same way she spend hours playing with her play kitchen, or dolls and that's fine, as this is a toy.

Total SCORE: 1/6 (But a solid 4/6 as a toy.)

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