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Ken Rumsey
United States
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Trivial Pursuit seems like it's been around forever. And it has. The first edition came out in 1981 (probably before a lot of you were born) and has seen many revisions and enhancements over the years. The latest enhancement is the addition of a DVD (or two) to ask the questions. This brings the game nicely into the 21st century and seems to work pretty well. However, it still doesn't fix some of the inherent flaws in the games.

LET'S OPEN THE BOX: Inside the box, you'll find the normal components of a Trivial Pursuit game. Those being the Trivial Pursuit board, the scoring wedges in 6 colors, a box full of cards with 6 questions on each, a 6-sided die and a double-sided instruction sheet. Seeing that this is a Star Wars game, your normal playing pieces are replaced by 4 Star Wars character figures and the scoring wedges snap into the base of them. They are nicely done (although nothing extravagant) and work well with the theme. Also, being that this is a DVD edition, there are 2 DVDs inside. Each DVD contains 10 games and the inside of the DVD folder contains space to keep track of which games you have played. Everything fits pretty nicely into the box although a baggie to put the scoring wedges in would have been nice.

LET'S PLAY THE GAME: If you've ever played Trivial Pursuit before (or even if you haven't), picking up the rules to this one is a snap. On your turn you roll the die and move your piece that many spaces. If you land on a normal colored space, the player to your left will draw a card and ask you the question matching that color. If you answer correctly, you go again. If not, play passes to the next player. Landing on one of the 6 Headquarter spaces is where the fun starts. Now the DVD comes into play (up until now you've just been listening to the never-ending short audio loop at the main menu). You select the color you landed on and hit Enter on your DVD. The question that comes up is for you only during the first few seconds but if you take too long, ALL PLAY appears on the screen and now it's open to anyone who doesn't have that color wedge to answer. Whomever answers correctly gets the colored scoring wedge matching the question and is now 1/6th of the way to winning the game. Actually 1/7th. After you get your 6th scoring wedge you have to make your way back to the center of the board for the final "game winning" question. When you get there, you select the "FOR THE WIN" option from the DVD menu. A hard question comes up and only that person has the chance to answer it. After you announce your answer, you hit Enter on your DVD and they will show you the correct answer. If you got it right, you click on Correct, a game winning video plays, and everyone else bows down to your great geekness. If you got it wrong, you click Incorrect, a mocking video plays about how stupid you are, your opponents laugh and point, and the game continues. Now you must leave the center of the board, try to answer another question, and return to the center to attempt another game winning question.

And herein lies the biggest problem. You're at the mercy of the dice. In one game I played, I and another player had all 6 scoring wedges but couldn't for the life of us roll the correct number to get in the center space. The 3rd player was having the same problem trying to land on the Headquarters space to get his 6th wedge. This problem alone made the game run longer than it should simply because we couldn't roll the right number at the right time.

The other problem is that it's still a trivia game, this time with only Star Wars trivia. If you play against someone who's never seen any of the Star Wars films (although I don't think such a person exists), they have pretty much a 0 chance of winning. If you play against someone who lives for Star Wars (i.e. the Star Wars Geek from Beat the Geeks), you probably stand no chance of winning. That said, the questions are pretty good and the range of difficulty seems OK for the casual Star Wars fan. Somes questions are rediculously easy and some I had no clue to (and I consider myself somewhat of a Star Wars geek). Most fit somewhere in the middle. I played with one who has never seen the original 3 movies and she came in 2nd (only because the game winning questions are extremely hard and she got some real doozies). If she'd gotten an easier winning question she would have won the game and we would never have lilved it down.

FINAL THOUGHTS: For a Star Wars fan, I think it's an excellent trivia game and they should have fun with it. The DVD works well although the never-ending short audio loop gets distracting after a while. With 20 completely different games to play it should stay fresh for a while but replayability is definitely limited. Non-Star Wars types are going to want to avoid this game but I doubt I have to tell them that seeing that it has Star Wars in a big font on the box as well as huge picture of Darth Vader. And you still have the luck of the die to worry about even if you are the Star Wars trivia king. Star Wars + Trivial Pursuit + DVD = pretty fun game!

May the Force be with you in all of your games.
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