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Mr. ElectroDruid
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So, what I want to do is something fairly specific. I don't know if what I'm looking for already exists in some form (in which case, game recommendations are welcome!) or is something I need to design myself (in which case, design recommendations are welcome!).

I'm the best man for an upcoming wedding, and want to do something that will add a bit of flavour to the stag night. The majority of attendees are familiar with LARP and/or board games. The stag in particular is a fan of both, and it would be nice to give him the opportunity to flex some of his cunningness alongside the standard drinking/talking thing. Between myself and the other people who are helping to plan the event, we want to do something like this:

- Large player group (12 to 15)

- The principal game component would be custom-printed "lammies", something well-known amongst Live Roleplayers (yes, we're geeks...) These are small laminated cards containing instructions and/or representing skills or items. They have instructions/flavour text printed on a card, but can also optionally be made so they can be torn open to reveal additional information on the inside if a specific set of circumstances (described on the outside of the card) occurs.

- The theme we're looking at is a zombie infestation type thing, although we would happily play with a different theme, or re-skin the theme of an existing game to suit our purposes.

- Ideally, we don't want to announce to people that a game has begun, or to explain rules to anybody. We'd start by handing the stag one or more lammies explaining that the game has begun ("you are Patient Zero - go infect people"), telling him his objectives and how to reach them, and have him bring other people into the game one by one via secret means. One or two of us could be arbitrators (i.e. can hand out lammies and/or have them returned to use), but the game would be split between people who had been given a lammie (telling them they'd started playing a game and giving instructions on how to do so), and those who had not yet been involved, but will become involved over the course of the evening as they are handed lammies.

- Because each player will be playing with very limited information (i.e. what we can print on a lammie) the game rules should be super-simple and rely on social interactions to guess at who is playing, try to figure out which side they're on, to be made to do interesting things within the social context to further their own ends, etc.

Does anything like this exist? If not, would anyone care to give their thoughts on how a game like this might be designed?

Failing all of that (and I know this is likely outside the remit of BGG), anyone know any good drinking games?
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