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Subject: [Deck] Haas-Bioroid Engineering The Future rss

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Daniel Gallagher
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Single scoring remote build with upgrades and a recursion package for either large economy gain or trashed upgrades. Ash just won't go away!

HB: Engineering The Future


X3 Accelerated Beta Test - Win More.
X3 Priority Requisition - Free Janus? Yes please!
X2 Mandatory Upgrades - Slow but the extra action is pretty good.
X1 Executive Retreat - a complete hand changeover late game can be good. Not that good but ok.


X3 Adonis Campaign - Needs no explanation.


X3 Archived Memories - Get anything back and do it again? I'm in.
X3 Hedge Fund - unquestionable staple in all corp decks.
X3 Anonymous Tip - Corporate diesel? Seems legit.


X2 Sensei - great header ice for an already backbreaking server.
X3 Cell Portal - plays nicely with HB ice.
X2 Draco - lots of cash to throw around. Draco is a gold digger.
X2 Enigma - More action denial.
X2 Wall of Static - We all have to start somewhere. Arguably among the better early game ice. inexpensive addition late game. Flexible --> end the run ice.
X3 Viktor 1.0 - you get what you pay for . 3 for 3 with some hurt and --> end the run.
X2 Ichi 1.0 - Love this card. Love everything about this card. good mid range punishment
X2 Heimdall 1.0 - Not the hugest fan of this ice but it has a solid butt on it and is expensive to break.
X2 Janus 1.0 - everything about this card is awesome. Beta test this out. Priority req loves this as a target. Good game in most cases. Hates Femme Fatal but what can you do?


X2 Akitaro Watanabe - Plays nicely with the mid range ice of the deck and Janus.
X2 Ash X23ZB9CY - just good stuff.
X2 Amazon Industrial Zone - basically just a dump for my remaining influence. Seems like it could be a good inclusion. Cheap ice is awesome, am I right?

I submit this build for your critique and advice. Build it, run it and let me know your thoughts.

Happy gaming!
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Conny Karlsson
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NanoXstatiC wrote:
Single scoring remote build with upgrades and a recursion package for either large economy gain or trashed upgrades. Ash just won't go away!

Adonis Campaign actually needs some explination. Given that you're only building one remote server you have to choose between using an adonis or trying to score an agenda. This is your only economy card besides hedge fund, i have no idea how you're supposed to have enough money for a Draco.

At 20 ice and no precogs i would say ABT isn't as good as you're hoping, using it blind will probably cause you to get a draco or something else important.

You have nothing to support Mandatory Upgrades, no SanSan, no biotic labours, only ash to protect it, no corporate troubleshooter either.

Sensei and Cell Portal, both require you to place them in a certain order, you have no way to control this and if you draw them in the wrong order they're pretty much dead cards, speaking of which...

Anonymous Tip, when playing with a single remote and HB in general, you're not in a hurry, given that you're short reliable economy (no melange mining corp, which works great when you have a secure server). Drawing more cards that you don't need to draw just seems wasteful.

Archived Memories is a great card, but you also need something to use it on, the only things worthwhile that i can find are hedge fund and ash (if they trash it). Precognitions, corporate troubleshooters, biotic labour, they're all great operations/one-use upgrades to retrieve.

Viktor in my opinion is just horrible, enigma is a safer bet.

Heimdall has no sting, it's a drain on the runners economy and the extra strength compared to wall of thorns is nice, but i'd still go with wall of thorns since it's not breakable by clicks and isn't trivialized by the E3 chip.

You're only using 2 ichi, even though it's probably your best ice.

Janus is a good target for prio req, i personally only play with one for the surprised factor, actually ressing it costs too much, but it very much possible thanks to amazon industrial zone and akitaro watanabe which are both cards that i would like to include in my own deck.


I'm sorry if my criqitue seemed harsh, i just blurted out my thoughts in a single go without really thinking much about how i said stuff.

Those are just my opinions, take them or leave them. I've been playing HB enough to feel like i know what i'm doing and i'm seeing some (for my playstyle) flaws in your setup. Mainly it's the positional ice that i don't like (Sensei, Cell Portal).

That and the economy, Melange Mining Corp would probably suit your one server style better. If it's secure enough (with an ash, maybe a troubleshooter) you can keep using that to secure a credit lead for the rest of the game.
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Subtle Salmon
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Basically what he said.

2x Amazon doesnt make sense to me. If you're basing your deck around this, then 3x is a must, if you're not, then dump this and use the influence to get more/better ice. I also don't think you have enough economy to support draco, and draco doesnt really go with akitaro/amazon. you definitely don't have "lots of cash" to throw at it.

what are you using archived memories for? I guess for bad ABT's.... its place here is questionable....

I would figure out what your deck is trying to do:
- build super server with amazon?
- get really nice ABT's off?
- solid HB deck with ice that is actually a threat?
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Daniel Gallagher
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No man. Not harsh at all. Your criticisms were asked for and are much appreciated.
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