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Subject: Match Play at Omaha Beach (First Assault Wave) rss

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J Kosec
United States
Sioux Falls
South Dakota
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Last time my brother was home I introduced him to Memoir '44, and this time when he was home he had to try the Omaha Beach scenario. We set it up, with Brett assuming the role of the entrenched Axis defenders for the first round.

I'm convinced we need to re-read the rules, because we keep missing important details like "terrain defense bonuses are not cumulative." In this case, with us applying defensive bonuses to the Axis for being both up a hill AND in a bunker, they proved remarkably difficult to kill.

Round 1:
The Allies started with a push on the Vierville sur-Mer flank, but the Axis defended with sufficient fire to pin them down behind the sea wall for much of the battle. The artillery piece at D-1 harried the forces behind the sea wall, wittling them down to dangerous levels and resulting in Brett's first couple victory medals. 3 successive Assaults for the Allies enabled me to mobilize my forces and at least get them out of the water, but their fire was consistently repelled by the magnificent strength of the German bunkers. Still, I had some success pushing forward toward the E-3 exit before meeting the same fate: I was punished repeatedly by the artillery piece entrenched in the bunker there. The battle was bitter and long, and toward the end I consolidated my beleaguered forces to try and wedge two different beachheads through E-1 and D-1. My assault through D-1 was somewhat successful but once inland my armor was driven back before it could create enough of a path for the Rangers who had charged up through the sea wall. In the center flank some brave soldiers charged right up the hill while armor moved through E-1 to seal off the possible retreat for the bunker infantry guarding the exit. This was my best chance to force something through, but Brett nailed me with an Ambush card which sent my poor infantry right back down the hill. They were to try to press forward the assault again, but by this time he had reinforced the position and it was too late: in the Vierville flank his terrible artillery gunned down a lone waterlogged infantryman for Brett to claim his last victory medal. Score: Brett 6, Justin 0

Round 2:
Brett understood he needed only one medal to pull ahead in the overall standings, so he concentrated everything he had at the entrenched artillery in the bunker at D-1, the same one he had used to seal his victory in the previous round. Remember we were playing with cumulative terrain bonuses, so each attack yielded only 1 dice roll. Nonetheless, Brett was able to push through a lucky kill early against the artillery piece--actually, on his first attack, and his emboldened troops swarmed around that position, hurling attack after attack against it throughout the game.

In the mean time I rolled like crazy against his armor units, to the point that every time he had one of them make it to the beach it was obliterated within two turns. With his three armor units disabled by heavy fire, I needed only eliminate a couple other units to claim my sixth victory medal. With Brett rolling round after round against the artillery at the D-1 exit it was only a matter of time before he scored his victory medal, and he finally eliminated the second unit on his fifth assault against the right flank. While I had technically lost the match I was pleased to note that the effectiveness of my attacks ended the round about ten turns sooner than Brett had managed to polish me off. Score: Brett: 1, Justin 6.

Total score for the match, then, was Brett: 7, Justin 6. I'm eager to play through the scenario again, as it'll be interesting to see how things work out for the Allies when they DON'T have to deal with extremely powerful improved German improved positions.
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