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From: The official WIZARD'S QUEST Website of the Boardgame Players Association (BPA)at:

1. The optional "dummy" treasure will not be used unless four or five boards are in play due to lack of sets. In that case, the optional dummy treasure must be used for tie-break between boards to determine the 2nd place finishers to advance to the Final. See #4 below.

2. The "Blank Petition Card" optional rule may be used if all the players agree. If so, the blank card that comes with the deck is shuffled into the deck. When it is drawn, it must be played immediately. Roll two dice and consult Table 1 (below) to determine the result.

Die Roll/Event
2 - A new entry to the Great Tunnel may be opened in the territory of the player's choice, and can be used immediately after the play of this card. Defenders at this new exit add 1 to their die range (plus another 1 if in forest or mountains) if attacked through the tunnel. (Hint: Mark the new area with a counter of an unused color, or invert an unused 5-man chit.)
3 - No attack campaigns by all players are allowed for the rest of this turn and the next 2 game turns.
4 - Orcs in any one region migrate. The player may disperse the orcs from the region of his choice to any orc-occupied territories on the board. One orc must remain in each orc-occupied territory in the region chosen, however.
5 - Bridges across the Amnon River are destroyed. Players may only cross the river by using a boat privilege card. A second occurance restores one bridge at random. (Hint: Use inverted "men" to designate blow bridges.)
6 - The player may look at any one of his treasures on the board.
7 - The player may send the Dragon to the territory of his choice, then roll a die to see how many men or orcs are gobbled.
8 - The player may send the Wizard to the territory of his choice, and prosper it by adding three men or orcs.
9 - The Dragon is banished from the island for 2 game turns.
10 - A disease ravages the orc population. One orc is removed from each territory in each die selected region during the Turn of the Orcs, for the next 2 turns.
11 - Plague strikes the orcs in four castles. Roll one die; if roll is odd, remove the orcs (down to one) from the odd numbered castles; if even, from the even numbered castles.
12 - The player immediately receives 10 men to place anywhere, and 2 extra attacking campaigns to be used this turn.

3. To determine 2nd and lower places in a particular game, this procedure will be used: When a player captures his third treasure, he will place any extra men earned on the board, converting his hero and sorceror into two men each, then his units will hold in place. They may neither attack nor move, but may be attacked and do not satisfy the Dragon's hunger when devoured and can be prospered (they function, in effect, as non-frenziable orcs). Play proceeds until all required places are determined. If a game exceeds the time limit, the players may adjudicate at the end of a full turn using these tie-breaks in order until resolved:

3.1 Most treasures captured (dummy counts 0.5)
3.2 Fewest turns to 3rd treasure (take into account the unplayed cards and boat privileges)
3.3 Fewest attack campaigns to 3rd treasure
3.4 if 3.3 is tied at "1", orcs take turn, if still tied, dragon takes its turn, if still tied, then 1st to move
3.5 Most orcs slain

4. Tie breaks among 2nd place finishers to advance to the final shall be:
4.1 Most treasures captured (dummy counts 0.5)
4.2 Shortest number of turns to earn 2nd place after winner finished.
4.3 Most orcs slain.

5. Players must assign a "Scribe" to record the number of men devoured by the Dragon, killed by frenzying orcs, and the number of orcs slain. Only the men slain by frenzying orcs and devoured by the Dragon, and the orcs slain before a winner is determined will count.
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