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Subject: Online players meet offline playing... And It's great! rss

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Julio Romacho
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So there we were, just after new year had come, some friends came over to my house to play my new adquisition: World of Warcraft The Board Game. We were 6 people, 5 of us have been playing the online game for some months (with 2 of us having already level 60 chars), the other one doesn't like wow (but plays another mmorpg), but we all are quite board game gamers.

So we began by choosing classes. We got a warrior, druid, mage, warlock, rogue and hunter. Then we rolled for factions and here came the funny thing... Druid, mage and warlock went to Horde, while the rest of melee chars went to alliance. We felt this one was going to be a hard one, but anyway... then we chose the boss: Nefarian. We decided to skip the grand PvP finale and fight the dragon instead... that is, if he doesn't get to his goal first. Anyway, we began the game with the usual murloc-filled quests. The alliance kept close at all times, doing the first turns all together, we at the horde (I was the druid) did the same thing. Our first combat was a breeze as the mage wiped out a ghoul himself alone even though we 3 had teamed up for it. We got up to level 2 quite easily, and then in the horde we decided to split up a little. I decided to go after a scarlet crusader alone to complete a quest, it seemed easy enough with the level 2 abilities but... I had never seen such a big mass of 1's!!! So there died my druid, but my partners tried to avenge me... to no avail. They too were killed by the nasty crusader. We thought it was already game over for us, with the alliance keeping together doing quests every turn. But that was not it. We quickly rose to our feet and challenged the crusader again all three together, killing it and deciding to separate again. This time everything went alright and leveled up a bit more.

Event cards weren't bad either, Nefarian didn't move very much and we even got some xp bonus from a war. I got to level 4 and my partners to level 3 about the same time the alliance got to level 3. But the we realized something... we had just 2 turns to end the game. So we tried to get some more exp and gold to equip ourselves, before the dragon attacked. It wen ok, but we couldn't get another horde to level 4. And so the dragon came...

Not having any tank was quite a problem in the last fight. We standed there for one round of combat, doing only about 20 damages (quite poor for what we had seen in other combats), and having to eat up 15 ourselves. We all went down to just 1 HP left, and tried the second round. We scored even less damages, Not even 10. And the dragon bit us for... another 15 damages, enough to kill our next two respawnings
The Alliance, being at level 3, didnt even bother to try against Nefarian as it was time to look at our clocks and see that we had already spent the whole night (actually, about 4-5 hours and we hadn't noticed).

After all, we all thought the game had been really good even if we had all lost (that draw thing is just a fantasy ), the turns didn't take long, and while one of the teams moved on the board, the other team planned around their strategy for the next one, so it was quite lively. I hope I can play another full game soon, but this time we'll even out a bit more the teams...
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