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Subject: Another tense nail-biter rss

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Tom Hudson
United States
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This game was played with the same group that played the game I discussed in this report

And like that game, this one was a tense, edge-of-your-seat affair.

This group is a suspicious lot that doesn’t cotton to fancy-pants innovations like lawyers and architects—neither was built in this game!

And like the game previously described, the leader tried to end the game once the bailiff was within two spaces of the end-game space, but failed and the game continued for another turn. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Based on the previous game, the other players were lying in wait for Mr. Gold. Frankly, they were thirsting for revenge.

Mr. Blue, like Mr. Green in the previous game, took the building track for favor. In a game without architects and lawyers he was the one-eyed king among the blind. By the time the bailiff was within two spaces of the game-end space, he was the only player with a residence. He had two.

Mr. Green and Mr. Black opted for the resource track for prestige. They both manipulated the turn order at every chance and grabbed the Joust field to gain prestige. The joust field was used heavily throughout.

Mr. Gold started play with a large target on his back and was victimized by a roving provost on several occasions. But he stuck to the same strategy that had brought victory in the previous game: he opted for the prestige track for favor.

On the turn when the bailiff was two spaces from the end-game space, the score was:

Mr. Gold 48
Mr. Green 40
Mr. Black 40
Mr. Blue 39

Although Mr. Gold was in the lead, the other players thought that their chances were good as long as the game didn’t end on this turn.

Mr. Green had been buying prestige points for several turns. Although he had a modest amount of money and resources, if he could prevent Mr. Gold from padding his lead and ending the game, he believed he could sneak into the winner’s circle. He had 3 houses in the castle tower. He would go first.

Mr. Blue was ready to hit the ball out of the park. Even though he would not get the Joust field, he had enough resources to grab the castle favor (he thought) and then use the build track to build the game’s first prestige building. This he thought this would put the game in his hand.

Mr. Black had been husbanding resources for several turns and now had the most. But he had next to no money. Like Mr. Green, he felt his chances were good if Mr. Gold was prevented from ending the game.

Mr. Gold wanted to pad his lead and end the game. He had the Inn and needed to get the Merchant’s Guild. He intended to pad his lead by building in the castle. He had 3 houses in the castle tower. He had the most money (barely) and the most resources next to Mr. Black.

Mr. Gold did get the Merchant’s Guild but the others pooled their money and moved the provost back to the bailiff. But in a game where money was scarce, the cost to move the provost proved dear. The game would continue but Mr. Gold was able to produce additional resources, including a precious cube of gold.

Mr. Blue did get his worker in the castle first but--to his horror--as the last action of the turn, Mr. Gold also placed one there. Ah ha! Mr. Gold had enough resources to build two houses in the castle. If Mr. Blue didn’t match that, he’d lose the favor and the chance to build a prestige building. But if he built two houses, he would not have enough resources to build the cherished prestige building. angry He had no choice but to build the two house and take the favor (which he used for 1 pp). Mr. Gold choose not to build.

The score going into the last turn:

Mr. Gold 48
Mr. Green 45
Mr. Blue 45
Mr. Black 40

Mr. Black was sick. He was sitting on a pile of resources but knew the game was out of reach for him. Rather than see Mr. Gold win again, he devised a clever plan to ensure Mr. Green would win instead. The castle tower had 6 spots left. Between him and Mr. Green they could build 6 houses and freeze Mr. Gold out. It was a long shot because Mr. Gold had the most money (he had 6 deniers).

That’s what they did. Mr. Black and Mr. Green placed workers in the castle before Mr. Gold’s turn. Mr. Black built 5(!) houses and Mr. Green built 1. Mr. Gold was screwed—or was he?

The other players quickly exhausted their money and passed out of the game. But because Mr. Gold had the Inn he could continue to leisurely place workers, watching with aesthetic interest as the other players’ faces turned more ashen with each worker.

He took the Joust field (5 pp). He took the Gold Mine. He built a brown building—the lawyer gets built! (4 pp, Mr. Black had put a worker on the mason with his last action in order to block Mr. Gold). He produced more resources. When the castle was scored he got 5pp.

Final score:

Mr. Gold 71 (including 6 from gold and 3 from deniers/resources)
Mr. Black 56
Mr. Blue 51
Mr. Green 49

EDIT: format the scores
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