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Subject: Cracking Session - my learnings , feedback welcome ! rss

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Mr G
United Kingdom
Hatfield Heath
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Just played a 2nd ed solo game (after maybe 20 games of 1st ed, solo and with up to 4 players). Straight 2nd ed but with Artifacts & Allies plus Legendary Relics. Took Battlemage Jaes, Vyrah the Falconer and good old Steelhorns. I was looking to take the 'strongest looking' characters to see how difficult the doom track in 2nd ed really was. What a blast !

After a tight game, with ups and downs all round, Vyrah forced the doom track, found Margath and won. Quite a few 'interesting points' came up - I'd like to share them with you and get your comments/reactions.

1. 'Forcing the Doomtrack'
In the very late game, Vyrah had nailed two reds, with Jaes and Steelhorns one each. Vyrah had the most experience, and therefore first crack at the 'doomtrack endgame', so simply took on local greens to move the doomtrack, while Jaes and Steely struggled aross mountains, forests and hills to get to the next reds. Vyrah's actions seemed a bit naff but very effective. Is this a valid way of playing ?

2. 'Steelhorns'
Hmmmn ... I just don't know. He LOOKS fantastic, both his miniature and his stats ! He creamed everything in sight on green (he only did two) then did the same on yellow. Blue were 'ok' but he took some damage. but he was really in a mire against reds without allies to soak up the ranged/magic phase damage. He had outrageous melee damage, but very few armour/cancel wounds cards came up, and his lack of allies was a serious obstacle to actualy WINNING the endgame. My current view is that he is more dependent than most on getting the right market cards, and by that I mean defensive not offensive powers. Your views ?

3. 'Vyrah the Falconer'
Lovely ! Solid right through with a great ranged stat to kick off (4/2). I took him because of his ranged 4/2, but mostly because of his ability to look at the top card from any adventure deck (for one stamina) and put it back to top or bottom. It sounded intriguing, and it was exactly that. I used it once early on, but it was a waste of a stamina point really. HOWEVER, as I thought, in the Margath chasing endgame, it was beautiful. He got rid of the dragon guardians of doom (phew!) and though he never actually found Margath this way, it helped his odds with the deck remaining. What do you think of him ?

4. 'Banner of the Boar'
What a strange card ! The reduced cost for experience counters is a great benefit, but swapping your 'already gained' counters seems very strange (at least fluff-wise). What do you think ?

5. 'Balance'
Each character seemed to have a good balance of abilities and constraints. I played each to the best of my ability.
Jaes seemd quite a bit worse than in 1st ed - he kept taking lots of wounds in ranged/melee. Not enough to kill him, and he usually killed the challenge in magic, but enough to slow down his progress right through the game as he was continualy needing healing. The reducton in movement dice due to wounds/exhaustion is a killer for him, and everyone in general in 2nd ed.
Steelhorns was EXCELLENT through green/yellow/blue, but seriously woeful on reds. Maybe it was the cards, but I developed him with what was available - no allies = disaster.
Vyrah was solid throughout. A strong ranged ability seems more important than in 1st ed as he lost far fewer wounds than Jaes so moved and developed fatser.

all in all it was a cracking game, and I'd love to hear your comments

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