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Subject: Amazon Session Report rss

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Matt Becker
United States
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Part savage, part savant, with a dash of satanic seasoning
Solo game playing the Amazon

Optional Rules in play:
Optional Combat Rules
Watchful Natives
Extended Treachery

Starting Location: Inn

Victory Requirements:
3 points in Fame for 30 Fame
2 points in Notoriety for 40 Notoriety
Plus 35 Gold to account for my starting gold (10) and my starting equipment
(4 - Short sword, 9 - breastplate, 7 - shield, and 5 - helmet)

Go to the Chapel, sell my shield, and wait for my friends, the Lancers or Patrol, to show up. Hire whoever arrives and go hunting.

The board layout made the strategy relative easy to implement. With the help of the Amazon's Stamina, I made it to the Chapel by day 2 and sold my shield. I only waited 3 days for the Lancers to prowl to the clearing. On day 6 I hired them and on day 7 my little gang was at the Guardhouse.

When under the control of a player and luring, the Lancers can decimate the Guard. Their ponies are fast, their weapons are longer, and they have two H*4 attacks. The Guard's repositioning rolls were perfect and they were eliminated in 1 round. I earned 18 Notoriety and 12 Gold and had a nice pile of goodies to loot. With the help of the Lancer leader, the goods were quickly picked up. We left behind 2 weapons. I had an extra breastplate and helmet, medium weapons, and the Scroll of Alchemy. The other treasure was the Cloven Hoof, which I cached in an adjacent clearing.

We popped over to the Ruins in search of some Fame and found the Lost City. The Lost City had the Hoard, the Pool, the Statue, and Howl, Patter, and Ruins, which all brought goblins. I didn't like the threat of the goblin hoard and pushed on for better hunting grounds.

I found the Vault in the Borderlands, but had no way to open it. That didn't really matter because I didn't want to tangle with the Tremendous Armored Troll anyway.

Finally in the Cliffs I found what I was looking for. My group stepped into the Cairns and was greeted by the stink of giants followed by the charge of two ravenous spiders, a Heavy and the guardian Tremendous. Once again the Lancers fast ponies and H*4 lance attacks proved their worth. I helped with my M* axe boosted with an H**4 fight chit. The fatigue was starting to accumulate before the last spider fell. It was already day 15 and I earned my first Fame points.

Once the Cairns were discovered, the looting commenced. Every loot attempt of the Cairns requires the fatigue of 1 effort asterisk. Fortunately, I had the Lancer leader to help search. He also helped dispatch another Heavy spider that prowled into the clearing.

Ironically, one treasure pulled was the Flowers of Rest. To quote the 3rd edition, "During Daylight, this card instantly activates all fatigued chits in its clearing, but when it activates a chit it causes the chit’s owner to fall asleep until Sunset." I pulled the Flowers and fell asleep. It's pretty tough to loot the Cairns with the Flowers of Rest in the clearing. The next day I cached the Flowers in an adjacent clearing.

The Cairns also contained some potions, the Seven League Boots, the Scroll of Nature, and the Dragon's Essence.

On Day 19 the Lancers term of hire expired. I had my Gold requirement handled, but I was still 10 short in Notoriety and 18 short in Fame. Only 1 spider and the 2 giants remained to prowl to the Cliff. I needed all 3 to prowl to meet my Fame requirement. I decided to rehire the Lancers and possibly backtrack to the Lost City.

On Day 20 I rehired the Lancers. The monster roll was 1 and that was when I remembered the Dragon's Essence. It is treated like a Smoke Warning chit. Two Heavy Flying Dragons were summoned to the clearing and were defeated by my Lancers. Suddenly, I had met my Notoriety requirement, and only needed 8 more Fame.

I weighed my options. Ahead of me were the unexplored Caves and Caverns. Behind me was the goblin infested Lost City. Getting to either took time, and I was running out of it. From my current location I could get to a dwelling in two days and trade my goods. I decided to sit for 6 days and hope for a 4 on the monster roll to summon a giant.

On Day 21, the monster roll was 5 which summons spiders. But Day 21 was a Denizen Regeneration day. All the dead spiders returned to the Appearance Chart, including the guardian Tremendous spider. So Day 21 brought another Heavy and Tremendous spider combination to the clearing, and, just as in our first encounter, they were skewered by my Lancers. Remarkably, in two days I went from needing 18 Fame to having 1 extra.

I hiked over to the House and sold my goods. It was Day 23 and victory was mine.


Man, those Lancers are dynamite, especially Lancer 3 with his speed 2 pony and H*4 lance attack. But they are unarmored with Light vulnerability. They can't hang in a fight, taking hits.

One of the things I like about Magic Realm is how the mix of treasures in a particular game can add to the drama of the story. Finding the Flowers of Rest at the Cairns was a neat surprise that allowed my fatigued Amazon to suddenly be rested. And, of course, the Dragon's Essence played a critical roll in the Amazon meeting her Fame requirement.

Of the first 6 treasures I encountered, 2 were scrolls and 3 were enchanted cards. I had access to 8 spells and 3 sources of different color magic. I should have been playing the Magician.

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