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Subject: Game IV – The Newbie with Initiative rss

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Dale Franklin
New Zealand
South Canterbury
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Game IV – The Newbie with Initiative

Out of the box Rules. Introduced Leaders.

The Yssril tribes – Craig
The Mindnet – Callum
The Mentak Coalition – Nigel
The Emirates of Hacan – John
The Xxcha Kingdom – Dale (Narrator)
The Jol Nar – Simon

4 players knew the rules while Craig and John did not. I set up the map that helps speed the start of the game up. We randomly choose starting races with the new players choosing their race and position. To my left was the Jol Nar, my right the Hacan. I lead with Trade forgoing Initiative to give myself a bit of a handicap. I might have to start playing seriously from now on lol. As it happened I was unable to acquire any decent trade with the Hacan.

Expansion was rapid with the Yssril tribes under Craig expanding rapidly to key systems. The Mentak attempted to claim a system but the Mindnet took adversity to this and in a short and brutal battle 4 Mentak cruisers were unlucky to only destroy 3 Mindnet fighters in a short fierce battle. The Mindnet were forced into this as the Yssril Tribes had constricted their rightward flank while the Mentak their left.

To my complete surprise Craig played an action card ‘Strategic Shift’ that allowed no one to choose Initiative allowing him to claim Imperial then Initiative and Imperial again. This also boosted the Mindnet’s Victory margins. Quite a move for a player on his 3rd round of his first game of twilight.

I was hit with a political card which I played myself that forces me to pay 2 command counters to choose Imperial. The prophecy of Xith also turned up and because the Jol Nar had few action I miss-timed the voting. The Mindnet were able to amass 14 votes due to holding Mecatol and claim it. I moved on Mecatol Rex after the Mindnet strangely vacated the system to consolidate a massive fleet. I was able to position my entire fleet there with a diplomat. With a few sabotage cards backing me up, I felt confident that I could hold Mecatol for my secret objective ‘Usurper’.

No one attempted to shift me from Mecatol although my Space Dock was almost destroyed by the Hacan had our spies not revealed the plot. Hacan had to go home at this point but we gave him Imperial. I was able to claim Imperial next but was still well behind due to my lack of Public Objectives. There was also massive fleets off Mecatol but I was prepared with 2 Pds, 7 Armies and a diplomat while my fleet scarpered to avoid the storm. At this point the Yssril tribes amounted 9 victory points from a public and secret objective, claiming 4 tech planets of the same colour. We soon realised that they could win easily from this position.

The Jol Nar started the Yssril extermination by destroying their home system with a large dreadnaught fleet using Type IV drives. They were able to claim their secret objective from this move. The Mindnet swooped in and took another system with a bit of luck in their ground attacks. Another Jol Nar Cruiser attack was very lucky to take a system only to be counter attacked by the Mentak that deviously came to the aid of the Yssril Tribes. The Mindnet finished off another Yssril system. I then moved to attack this fleet and after a very close battle broke the Mentak and took a Yssril planet that prevented them from ‘spending 10 trade goods’.

The Yssril tribes were one short of this objective in trade goods and their remaining planet. However the Mentak provided the Yssril with a trade good in exchange for a top ranking ministerial position. I could have played Privateers from Synchronicity instead of a direct hit but it would have been sabotaged anyway.

This was a very exciting game with our new player Craig playing it perfect. Despite the Yssril being wiped from the galaxy as a force their influence in the council gives them the crown to rule the Galaxy with a little help from the Mentak. The Jol Nar were ready to win the following round so once again it was a very tight game.

The final scores were:

The Yssril tribes – Craig - 10
The Mindnet – Callum - 7
The Mentak Coalition – Nigel - 1
The Emirates of Hacan – John - 4
The Xxcha Kingdom – Dale (Narrator) - 7
The Jol Nar – Simon - 8
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